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Review of the Kroll Show- Renewed for nearly five decades - Revised August 15th 2015

A lot of effort and pain when into this accounting of the THING. Should explain why I'd ever waste one ounce of energy on two second and third rate comedians 

Updated again - December 6th 2015.

Updates, and links that explain certain questions asked, over time:

The embarrassment was too great. The ratings for "Kroll Show," reached a 0.3 demo, and less that 400 thousand viewers, despite Nick Kroll writing big checks to entice the likes of Katy Perry, Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, James Franco, and Seth Rogen, to guest star,  and despite a bottomless budget - underwritten by Nick's multi billionaire father.

Nick Kroll and Comedy Central had to finally pull, "Kroll Show." But as expected, good old Nick Kroll, couldn't just take defeat with dignity. As witnessed in this recently seen big of madness- Jules Kroll's son thinks he makes the rules and IT IS IN YOUR INTEREST to not upset him

Instead of conceding that "Kroll Show" was a mistake, and trying to improve his upcoming comedy efforts somehow, he has chosen instead to grease more journalist palm, and  to call on more of his father's contacts - to release article after article saying how Kroll Show is, "Going out on Top,"  when all evidence supports the fact that Kroll show was at the bottom from episode 2 and just got worse, and worse.

What strange services these (mostly freelance)journalists grant Jules Kroll's son, Nick Kroll, and then certain of Nick's, "comedy friends," - Tig Notaro, John Mulaney et al.

I just discovered this on twitter:

Nothing I didn't know already - that Kroll has been using his money and connections to falsify his "fame,"but it's nice to see it presented so explicitly. Tsk Tsk, Ben Pomeroy, and Thom Sharpe, Eric Spitznagel Jason Zinoman,the crew at the Vulture(New York Magazine) and dozens of others.

I can include tons of links to make the case - that the press surrounding just the allegation -- that his show went out on the bottom -- but articles say otherwise, but I'm tired... here's some google keywords - kroll show going out on top etc. Then read the ratings link(below) and see what a crock that is.

Even a shill (or a writer with no sense of humor, since she does tell the rare truth about his ratings and critical failure,) for had to confess that the show was a floperoo.

It is also a show with nearly abysmal ratings. Last year’s season finale of “Kroll Show” got just upward of 800,000 viewers nationally—soundly beaten in the cable ratings,as you can see, by not just one, not just two, but five airings of “The Big Bang Theory” in syndication—as well as four episodes of “Modern Family,” four episodes of “American Dad,” and four episodes of “SpongeBob SquarePants” (though in “Kroll Show’s” defense, it did end up beating out four other episodes of “SpongeBob”). Even in our era of declining viewership, we still typically count audiences by the million; and unlike critical darlings like “Broad City” or “Review,” also on Comedy Central, “Kroll Show” never quite gained footing with critical audiences, either.

Note: the 800 k figure, if true, is much higher than the average. By the last season it was averaging no more than 400k and a 0.3 demo. In other words, no way was it going out on top.

Since writing the (well trafficked) post(below) I have also come to see that Nick Kroll had a big plan- to be the ringmaster of the, "New Generation of Comedy." And, to my delight(and in some ways, to the benefit of mankind)... so far this manufactured idea that, "Nick Kroll leads the pack of a new generation of comedy." has fallen very FLAT. 

A part of this depressing plan was to set up certain comedians with shows, that would then feature Kroll and/or push the idea of him as a big time comedy mover and shaker. Yet, Mulaney show, Peter Holmes Show, Tig Notaro's faked cancer for fame, CCB (and likely a few others that I'm not aware of)-- all met with lackluster or dismal results.

Clearly, I loathe Nick Kroll. I wouldn't say I'm wholly unbiased though since I don't know him and never met him. The loathing is personal but it also is based on basic values- how gross can you be kind of thing.

I am sure that his  mere existence should fill all good men with overwhelming existential  Nausea, but whatever.... ;)

Over time, I've seen others formulate reasons why I despise such a seemingly inconsequential clown. The reasons they've surmised,  are so far from the truth, it's almost comical... Still, I wrote this in response to accusations of antisemitism, jealousy, illuminati type mentality, delusion etc.


And, here's a link that should go some way in explaining why I despise Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro and Stef Willen and John Gregozek and Marty Singer and Martin Boags and Judge Maria Stratton and on and on and on, unfortunately - ( part one only but it gives an overview)


Jules Kroll is a very successful and BUSY man.

He is easily worth ten billion, and he has thousands of powerful people, on his payroll, or in his debt. (We'll really get to him if you keep reading.) 

This article in Business Week  gives a compelling overview:

In the late 1970s, he(Jules Kroll) helped create a new market for corporate investigations. A onetime Manhattan assistant district attorney, he realized that corporations would pay big for an investigative firm that could dig out employee fraud and other malfeasance.He recruited a savvy coterie of former CIA spies, FBI agents, and prosecutors by paying them as much as twice their public-sector salaries.

But there's more to Kroll's success than waving big paychecks at top talent. He has long inspired loyalty among his staff by remembering the names of even the lowliest clerical workers. He once even lent one promising young investigator the downpayment for his house. The personable Kroll is an avid schmoozer, too.

That power, savvy, and opportunity has now passed to his children. 
In particular, sons Jeremy and Nick, are making names for themselves in business, in the legal system, in Government(Jeremy), on TV, in cultural institutions, in show business, and in the press. 

Son Nick has even managed to finagle a starring role in an upcoming movie - that he funded, " Adult beginners." 
Kroll is the unsightly one, to the right

Jeremy -Image result for jeremy kroll

appears to have joined his father in the family's many multifaceted expansions/investigations/ventures/businesses/ corporations/mergers/acquisitions/fronts/cover ups/engagements etc.

Nick Kroll

too true to be remotely amusing.Kroll enjoys this state of no consequences but the show stands as evidence of how far one can go with no perceivable comedic talent

 has apparently chosen comedy as a means to impress upon us his success.

The Kroll name is well known in power circles. 
They do the security for major studios and "litigation support" and, " reputational management, " for the most prominent VIP's and celebrities. One of their favorite law firm cohorts is the law firm, Lavely and Singer. And, that is the law firm that Nick Kroll got for Tig Notaro, in 2008.

Together these two dynamos/ fixers  clean up, or try to clean up the messes of celebrities or VIP's as big as Bill Cosby, Allen Standford (google kroll ponzi scheme standford),  Charlie Sheen, Bryan Singer, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Harry Reid,John Travolta, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Soros, Julius Baer ( a very interesting case involving Wikileaks), Sylvester Stallone. It goes on and on. 

Oh. Did I forget to mention that Tig Notaro was a long time client of Lavely and Singer -from 2008 till 2012- in the many legal cases that I had to suffer in that time period, because as Nick Kroll described himself to Elvis Mitchell (WTF is Nick Kroll even being interviewed by Elvis Mitchel??!!!) " In the end, I'm just a vicious bitch." 

You can see that here:

Nick Kroll was given his own show, "The Kroll Show" on Comedy Central despite a very skimpy resume in comedy. From what I can tell, Nick Kroll has not one comedy bit, that anyone is a fan of.

His production company," Good at bizness," executive produces this program, and according to this video he was given complete creative control by Comedy Central-

Recently, Daniel Tosh, on the actual hit show , "Tosh Show," appears to confirm much of what I have long believed - I.e Jules Kroll's wealth and power has been underwriting the careers of Nick Kroll and his "comedy friends" 

(Please, check out minute 8.15 and please google Kroll +journalists to see that Kroll hires tons of hungry freelancers for "research" positions. In other words, it's wise to please Nick Kroll when sitting at your desk penning some meaningless celebrity article)

Nick Kroll's,"Kroll Show," has been renewed for a third season, despite a very poor showing in the Nielsen ratings, from the start of season one, and though it has received precious few good reviews(by those not given incentives to feign approval.) In fact, the lack of reviews, in general, is odd. I suspect it's one of those ... if you have nothing nice to say about Jules Kroll's son... don't say it. 
Of course, you can google that for yourselves.

Odder still : 

"Reputable," publications such as Entertainment Weekly,  Zap2Sit, Deadline Hollywood, and the Onion's  A.V club have reported that the show averaged 1.1 million viewers over the two seasons, so no need to pay any mind to this obscure blog(by a seemingly batty blogger,) and the TV- Aholic website, when they say otherwise-

In short - so you don't have to read the whole thing: Such reputable publications have said that the Kroll Show attracted an average of 1.1 million viewers, when by my calculations (gather by Zap2it and Futon Critic and TV-Aholic) prove that figure is false. 

My calculations lead to a 700k average, give a little or take a little(I don't like doing math.)  Not even close to 1 mil, much less 1.1 mil.

The fact that Kroll Show attracted a cancel worthy 0.5 in the key 

(update: the last season of Kroll Show attrated a 0.3 in the key demo)demographic, has been omitted from these articles.

Us Weekly has referred to the "Kroll Show," as a "smash hit."  (Update: Publication after publication has stated that Nick Kroll pulled the show for creative reasons... i.e he wanted to go out on top.)

Kroll sorely wanted to distance himself from his ensemble work in the League(On FXX) yet the failure of Kroll Show has made that difficult. Recently, at a fundraiser for charity, Nick Kroll, freaked out on the fans who simply had been stuck on his other show biz projects-

Whatever the dubious stats, or questionable appraisals by certain freelance journalists, Nick appears dead-set on making a name in Show Biz.

If one does a little digging, they will get the sense that Jules Kroll's youngest child is hellbent on securing a position as a "household name," and has taken extremely cynical steps -- to assure the kind of success that would make his (hard to impress,) papa proud. 

That and this: his motivation stems from his desire to impress upon Wasps from the Rye Day School that he's not the loser they thought he was. That is what he states is his driving force, in this interestingly grotesque podcast. Please note too how he sends invites for Spas to comedians, and how he discusses a fellow human being in the last 20 or so minutes-

When Nick Kroll spoke to the woman he considers his, "best and oldest comedy friend," Tig Notaro, Nick referred to himself as "upper middle class."  Notaro laughingly said, "Nick, let's be honest you are so so much more than upper middle class." Kroll conceded that he's "one percent." Notaro then sighed and said, " Oh Nick, you and that checkbook of yours. The way you write those checks..." At the end, she feared that she'd offended him and that she'd be "off the list." He assured her in an earnest tone that she's "top of the list." For your listening pleasure:

Listening to him and witnessing his antics, it is my conviction that Nick doesn't seem satisfied with just business success, and so he writes enough checks in the hopes that the kids who shunned him at the Rye Day School, will view him as not only a No. 1 success, but also as a "comedy genius."  This clip sure makes me feel that he is, at best -- a base imbecile.

In fact, everything I've seen by Nick Kroll makes me think he is the most talent free imbecile that ever slithered into semi- celebrity. I have not seen the League, so it is possible he can act when given a decent script.

One can watch his show, and his one hour comedy central special, "Thank you very cool," and judge for themselves, but the consensus among non paid non shills is that it sucks something so fierce that one is left in a state of mystified distress. I.e Who gave this guy a show? Why oh why was his show renewed when the ratings sucked and unpaid people seem to loathe it?  Often, the comments that accompany his assorted "successes,"  assume he must be performing impressively satisfactory sexual favors, but I know that is not the answer to such mystification. 

The answer to that mystification is Jules Kroll, and surely not Nick Kroll's sexual allure and/or prowess.

 I'm not hip to current parlance, so I'll rely on the tried and true - Nick Kroll's entire comedy career REEKS LIKE A FLOUNDER LEFT OUT IN THE DESERT FOR DECADES.
P. U!

There is very strong evidence suggesting that Jules's youngest son is using journalist "pawns" to convey the appearance of success( on top of sending comedians who might advance his career to spas and first class jaunts of all kinds.)

Please see And realize that the ones sending all these comedians and Nick Kroll to Africa(first class) is Alere Toxicology AKA( or formerly known) as Kroll Laboratory Specialists.

A strange case of  using your fortune to fake it - until you make it, and then even when you don't make it, as was the case with eponymous Kroll Show and his one hour special - you can fake some more until there can be no real sense of any organic success. In other words, just keep faking and eventually you'll get famous just by fake articles and favor for favor alone.

I have no doubt that  Nick Kroll is manipulating all sorts of aspirants to fame and fortune, and engaging in endless unkosher machinations to get what he wants out of life. Any inspection and one is left with the STRONG impression that Nick Kroll is engaging in a comedy payola scheme( or a pay for play or a favors for funding or a greased palm for plugs M.O. Whatever you want to call it, it's had a concerning hold on what comedy has come out, in the last few years.)

Nick Kroll can hook up hungry creative types(and not so creative types) with press that sings their praises. With shows. With trips. With access of the most impressive kind(can you say Obama) Plugs and placement too. Pretty Impressive. Once the press is misrepresenting your career, and Comedy Central and NPR are exchanging funding for fame -- false fame becomes easily possible, it seems.

This is not regular old Nepotism, or even plain old access journalism. This is him using his family's contacts in public radio, in Hollywood, In Law Enforcement(if need be as happened in my case) and all sorts of press- to sell his business of comedy aspirations. This is him not invested in any integrity(or even comedy) as he claws his way to meeting his personal goals.

 In other words Nick's nickname is not just Nick the prick or Nick the dick, but also, Nick "The  bottomless checkbook" Kroll.

Very few would have impetus to investigate such a seemingly inconsequential state of affairs. A D-list comic that few even heard of ?  You can't be serious? Who cares? I get how his fringe level of celebrity causes this all to have the sheen of extreme absurdity.

  But, if one has incentive as I do( because he decimated my life using deeply dirty tricks, learned from his ruthless father,) they will soon see that an endless stream of journalists have abdicated a degree of ethics to wink wink and agree to Nick Kroll's seemingly incessant requests for press and plugs and "impressions."

I can't find the picture now... but for god's sake, someone on Twitter posted a photo where Nick Kroll plants his picture in stores.  (update: found it)

This ever growing list of Kroll Journo hos, have not done what Ms. Cuddahe has done, in response to offers from Kroll.


Hmmm, NPR too-

(So many more that it would fill hundreds of pages. Kroll Journo Hos of note: Eric Spitznagel, Andrew Goldman, David Sims, Jason Zinoman, Matt Mcarthy... there are dozens... And, these same sold to Kroll "journalists" also peddle the careers of Mulaney, Tig Notaro, Peter Holmes, Chelsea Perretti, Amy Schumer... It's incredible.)

 Feigned fandom for funding and favors, I say!

Voraciously rapacious, Nick, has repeatedly expressed that his father approves of the way he has been, "running his comedy career as a business." He even said that he has shown his father he too could "be the boss." He told the AV club, "My father appreciates my Entrepreneurial approach to comedy."

Yet, despite his relentless seven year crusade to become as famous and show biz successful as possible, if you mention the name " Nick Kroll," many draw a blank.  And, so, he is now trying to remedy this pesky semi obscurity in various ways.

His attempted ascent to the A-list from the bowels of the D list, has been rocky so far. It seems Jules Kroll's youngest son, has hatched a new means to his ends: Become a part of a power couple. And have someone associated with popularity and success be the woman in that equation:

 Ms. Amy Poehler is poised to be the female part of this plan to be  

a , "Power Couple." 

Nick Kroll? What's not to love

Accordingly articles come out, where these two love birds romp on Baja Beaches whilst wearing color coordinated garb, and trying their best, to avoid the prying eyes of the paparazzi?Amy Poehler, Nick Kroll


Mainstream publications, throughout the world( Daily Mail, Just Jared, Splitsider,TMZ, US weekly et al) and less obvious venues such as Classiclite , have made much effort to impart this "red hot" couple upon the oblivious masses.

Classiclite:  A publication that appears to cover Theater, Jazz, Orchestra, Dance -and Nick Kroll and Amy Poehlers romance. Recently, they dropped all pretense of jazz and such - to discuss a fun feud with Will Arnett!

(of note: Check out also Brooklyn Vegan and Pitchfork's coverage of Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro if you want to see some more incongruity!)

I've recently learned that Michelle Obama cites Amy Poehler as her best friend

So, though few seem apprised, Amy and Nick, are poised to become not just another paltry power couple, but a, " Super Power Couple with access to the President."

(It's likely that Ms. Obama has already met her best friend's beau, Nick Kroll, since Nick Kroll's father and brother are responsible for the Obama's security. You see, Kroll O'Gara has protected our presidents for decades. Also, Kroll Ontrack had been the one called to investigate the Passport Breach, awhile back. (Kroll at first deduced it was the work of a few bored government workers, but since then they have blamed it on China. Not big news judging by the absence of articles? I sense a weird blame China pattern here, but that's too complicated ;()

Chinese hacked Obama, McCain campaigns, took internal ...
Jun 6, 2013
Chinese hacked Obama, McCain campaigns, took internal ... to NBC News that the security breach was far ...
Missing: passport

We'll get back to Nick later, but let's first discuss his mother, and brother and father....

The first lady of security( and so SO many other specialties- it defies all common sense -) Lynn Kroll.

Jules's wife, Lynn Korda Kroll,
Lynn Kroll with Scott Boxenbaum's mother Kharlene! Nick Kroll sends Chuck Boxenbaum's son, Scott Boxenbaum, on very unwholesome missions so this pic is more significant than most would ever guess. oh well.

 is no small fish either. No guppy she!

She is the chairwoman of the powerful UJA( United Jewish Federation,)
Lynn Kroll (Third from the Right) with Lisa Silverstien(daughter of WTC Larry Silverstien for that's worth to some because it's over my head and I truly hate thinking about conspiracies cause I find most of them impossible to concieve) at one of many UJA functions she and her family attend.
and she sits on the boards of too many charitable, political, and cultural institutions to easily believe. She even represents Jerusalem when she participates in New York City Global Partners

  Lots of fancy names and lots of  judges!
2004 Sister City Program of the City of New York, Inc.
Annual Board Meeting, City Hall Governor's Room, 4:00-6:00pm
The Sister City Program of the City of New York, Inc. had its annual Board Meeting on October 26, 2004 in the Governor's Room at City Hall. Present were all executive officers of the Sister City Program, which include the Honorable Nancy E. Soderberg, Commissioner Kate D. Levin, the Honorable Marjorie B. Tiven, Ms. Veronica Kelly, Honorary Chairman Mr. William R. Rhodes, and Ms. Maley Ong, Executive Director. Six chairs were also present. They were: the Honorable Frank G. Wisner (Cairo), Lynn Korda Kroll (Jerusalem), Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild (London), Mr. Gonzalo de Las Heras (Madrid), Ms. Adele-Chatfield Taylor (Rome) and Mr. Luis Canela (Santo Domingo).

That's her with the brooch, behind the lady with the scarf, and nearby  ray kelly ,the NYPD commissioner. the photo was taken by the NYPD photo Unit. Is that Karl Rove standing by Kelly???

The Kroll's have estates all over the world, I've read in one of the many reputable publications that have discussed the Krolls over the years... so it would be hard to track all the donations.. But,from one of the Kroll's many estates, Lynn Kroll has shown herself as a prolific donor to political campaigns. Her contributions from their Rye, NY, estate have been noted.

When not contributing to the campaigns of politicians, Ms. Kroll finds the time to get honored by famed Jewelers such as Van Cleep and Arpel!

Husband, Jules, and the sons and daughters also gives to all sort of political causes and candidates, and Jules and  Jeremy, then secure contracts(or favors) with those who accept such donations.

I thought this was illegal and bespoke blatant corruption. At the very least conflicts of interests should be investigated. At the very least, such incessant palm greases of Senators, Presidents,  DA's, judges, politicians, and Law Enforcement officials, paves the way to a "muddying of the waters"... Jule's membership in the ultra Elite "Economists Club" seems significant as well

Apparently,the concern such arrangements/future injustices might have engendered (considering the work the Krolls do,) hasn't become any sort of crisis for the Krolls, and society seems to tolerate the fact that law enforcement throughout the globe has been soiled beyond measure by the Kroll's hold on the private and public sectors. Or is society just oblivious? By design? I do not have exact answers to such questions.

I do know that I witnessed the incentive to fix cases in exchange for a job with Kroll, or one of their endless sister brother parent companies... Ask Gregory Boles,Jeffrey Dunn, and John Gregozek how tempting such offers can be.

And, you can't sue them if they harm you. In fact,lawsuits and/or complaints against Kroll have a tendency to get dismissed -- wherein no legal basis exists for such dismissals. A name change here and there has also been a successful way to prevent unwanted scrutiny as Jules Kroll aims to expand and expand his many businesses for over four decades now.

This smart "stay under the radar," approach, has left the vast majority of the public unfamiliar with the name, "Kroll." Only Nick Kroll has hungrily pursued the Spotlight.

My crusade to make them more famous than the Koch Brothers, has been challenging, to say the least: AHEM.


Cuomo anti-corruption commission co-chair received $20G ...
New York Daily News
Oct 17, 2013 - Cuomo's anti-corruption commission received $20,000 in campaign ... Kroll also gave $25,000 to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who ...

Moreland co-chair received donations from intel-gathering ...
Oct 17, 2013 - Jules Kroll, the founder and CEO of K2 Intelligence, donated $10,000 to ... Kroll has also contributed a total of $25,000 to Attorney General Eric ...

BUT, It's not just pay to play politics, The Krolls are culturally involved, too. (Pay to get a play, movie, or documentary produced politics?)

  The Krolls don't just reap non stop massive profits from fear based businesses, and their unending transactions -- Jules and Lynn find the time to be "Philanthropists." They donate considerable sums to public radio and television, and to the "alternative press." I have not yet made sure, but we can guess they donate to theaters, and other forms of "cultural institutions." Billions upon billions of dollars get spread around with these folks.

They have a documentary fund in their name. The Jules and Lynn Kroll Fund for Jewish Documentaries. And, it is  is one of the premier funding sources to documentarians. Their productions have gone on to win impressive awards. Ms. Kroll is the Chair not only of the UJA, but of "The foundation for Jewish Culture." Her daughters Vanessa and Dana, also chair or co- chair( or, just plain sit,) on lots of important sounding boards.

Susan Korda(any relation to Lynn Korda Kroll?) had received quite a few grants from this fund and went on to win lots of awards. If Ms. Susan Korda is a relation, no one but me seems to be mentioning this sort of  glaring conflict of interest.


BUT, It's not just business, a genius for palm greasing thousands of important palms, bad comedy, security, and culture, guys -- it's education too!

Not satisfied at being at the helm of business and culture, the Kroll's also concern themselves with Education.

The Krolls donate and donate to colleges, and possibly lower education(as opposed to higher education, if you get my drift,) 

While donating to assorted colleges throughout the land, they are also the leading( and premier name)- when it comes to college background checks.

Recently, their services seemed to allow a scammer to sneak in our finest schools, but I can't remember which one. Find the link, friends. It was an Ivy League School. Maybe, Kroll was too busy in the high stakes Facebook case where a Ceglia claimed to own half of Facebook-  
to focus on some background checks.

Of course, in that Facebook case, they soon discredited the party-- who couldn't afford their kind of fees. Then, they began to prosecute him criminally. But, I am not up on that recent scary development.

Or perhaps, being preoccupied with being the number 1(and only) supplier of Armored vehicles to our various wars allowed this college admission mishap.


It's doubtful that the Kroll's Canadian Pharmacy software Empire was the reason for that oversight.

Maybe the DOJ will figure it out- as they investigate Kroll for massive fraud, and ripping off taxpayers in the course of their No.1 Background screening business.

My guess and advice to those who might thing justice is coming: Don't count on Kroll being held accountable --when the DOJ is investigating them-  Check this OUT-

 Perhaps, all those contracts with the DHS and TSA(as well as the other jobs listed below) led to this state of negligence. Perhaps this degree of busy-ness is a recipe for lousy decisions. 

Let's not even get into their FEMA and IRS contracts cause it makes one experience a unique kind of nausea. Let us not even broach the Kroll Goverment services division or their Kroll Mid East divisions. Please let us not even have to think about the time frame of their supply of armored vehicles and Dyncorp and ...SOS.

    Just a few contracts:

  1. Kroll Retained by Transportation Security Administration to ...
    Business Wire
    Oct 28, 2003 - "We are honored to have been chosen by the TSA to fulfill such a vital national responsibility," said Jeff Schlanger, president, Kroll Government ...
  2. DHS Awards Kroll Major Background Investigation Contract
    Dec 7, 2005 - Kroll Government Services toconduct preliminary background investigations of TSA screeners.
  3. TSA gives Kroll longer contract for screener background ... › General News
    Dec 31, 2005 - WASHINGTON--The Transportation Security Administration re-signed Kroll Government Services for a contract to run preliminary background ...

  4. Department of Homeland Security Awards Kroll Major ... › BusinessBusiness WireDecember 6, 2005
    Kroll Government Services, which was selected for the contract over several competing firms, has been providing background checks for the TSA since 2003, ...
  5. TSA to use Kroll Ontrack software to recover its e-mails ...
    Jun 18, 2009 - TSA has decided to renew its license to use the e-mail recovery software, known as 
    Kroll Ontrack PowerControls, which enables it to recover ...

Let's forgot about all that, and focus on how the Krolls are culturally, politcally, and EDUCATIONALLY involved before we delve in to their forensic practices and their alleged massive bribery of  journalists and others we are taught to trust!

Aside of Kroll being the name to fear and revere, if you want to get into the school of your choice, they can vet you no matter what your real past.They can make sure you don't get in too, no matter your qualifications. In other words, they can make you or break you with one report. One phone call. One word.

You see, Kroll doesn't just hold the key to admissions to the schools of our dreams, they donate money to educational institutions such as John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NY.

The John Jay School of criminal Justice has been a big beneficiary of Kroll's largesse, and even have erected a Jules and Lynn Kroll Atrium.

They throw galas in said Atrium-  where they present speakers who speak about :"The future of justice." This is terribly scary, I promise. Goose bumps on top of Munchian screams scary.

yay! Atriums!
The whole Kroll family was there to celebrate the unveiling of said Atrium. /

The Krolls have been strong supporters of the College and have provided financial support for a number of key initiatives. They have funded the oral history project of College's Lloyd Sealy Library that has captured the experiences of dozens of criminal justice leaders in New York City. They have contributed to the Pre Law Institute which is now sending dozens of John Jay graduates to law schools around the country, and they helped launch the John Jay College Honors Program.

From my strange(and persistent!) perspective: The future of justice, with Kroll as such a major influence, and such a chronicler and funder of future justice -- is a future with fixed cases, fudged reports, and even fixed forensic tests -- as you will see later in this article. A past that led to present, and now a looming future - where only the super rich, or ultra connected, can dream of any semblance of justice. A future that no decent person can even conceive.This decent persons incapacity to conceive has been very fruitful to the Kroll's abilty to dominate/infiltrate so many systems, for so long.

Kroll not only does back ground checks for applicants to schools, and donates to schools- they protect schools.

Kroll secured yet another high profile contract - when they quickly secured a security contract post Sandy Hook massacre-

If you read that article, you'll see that quite a few parents were perplexed by the pressure put upon them to agree to the high costs asked by Kroll . Also, these hapless parents expressed to the Kroll proponents that Kroll struck them as a dubious choice. They were not aware of them having any history in elementary school school security. Nevertheless, someone capitulated, and Kroll could boast the signing of yet another contract. This time a contract for the most infamous school shooting in our history.The massacre that demanded a new perspective on gun control.

Lynn and Jules Kroll Atrium put to good use? You decide.

Right after scoring that Lucrative Sandy Hook Contract, Kroll still made time to fight for gun control. After the shootings, they volunteered their Lynn and Jules Kroll Atrium at John Jay's college of criminal justice for an event that took a stand against gun violence, and sought to impart the necessity for gun control. 

nick kroll at shooting range

The gala in the Atrium,  featured political heavy hitters such as  Kroll's old D.A chum from the famed Morgenthau office- Liz Holzman. You can read more about it here: 

The New York Attorney General, Eric Shneiderman, who received that 25K donation from Jules Kroll listed above,was also an esteemed guest and he gave an impassioned speech, I understand from the article. 

In short, the Jules and Lynn Kroll Atrium was transformed from a mere Atrium into a political platform. In other words, the Atrium was no waste of space. No merely decorative Atrium that Kroll Atrium!

I imagine that other ex Deputy DA's Elliot Spitzer(Who investigated AIG and Marsh Mclennan - sister or parent or father companies of Kroll,) and Linda Fairstein(Now a Kroll big wig) were also invited too attend. Jerome Haur and Mike Cherkasky also likely were sent invites. Senator and Schumer and his niece Amy would feel comfortable there but perhaps weren't present.

This stance against gun ownership for citizens-- did not put a dent into the profits of  Kroll Corp or Kroll International.

Welcome to

Kroll International

Kroll International is the leading wholesale-only supplier of law enforcement, military tactical, public safety, homeland security, and shooting sports equipment. For more than three decades,

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CUNY John Jay is not the only institution of higher learning that benefits from Kroll's largesse. Is a Lynn and Jules Kroll Atrium at CUNY Baruch, far behind?

Maybe, just a regular old Jeremy Kroll gazebo? A Nick Kroll gym?

When Police abuse was alleged at a CUNY N.Y Baruch Occupy event, Kroll filed a report that exonerated those who were said to have abused activists. CUNY Baruch's officials, and the NYPD came out smelling like a falsely accused rose. The activists that sought to expose one percenter malfeasance, in turn, were turned into rabble rousers by the investigators. Investigators who also happen to be notoriously fond of the status quo( since they have profited from fear and unrest to an astounding degree.)

Kroll could find no wrongdoing on the part of the University, or the NYPD. Many distrusted the investigations, and the investigators  and cited conflicts of interests with Kroll and CUNY. Some who had been present at the incident, must have read the Kroll report and thought they had lying eyes-- when they saw clear scenes of brutality on the part of the NYPD - but nothing seemed to come from this suspicion i.e Your lying eyes have led you astray. Move on. Nothing to see here.

 Once again, well evidenced outrages were smothered soon after Jules Kroll's, and his hoardes of "investigators," entered the picture.

Jeremy Kroll deserves his own Atrium!

Jules’s older son, Jeremy, is CEO of  K2, and Kroll Ontrack, Kroll Investigations, JemKroll, and god knows what else.

He and his father (and sisters and other relatives as well as approx 5 k employees all over the globe) and other Krolls own and operate, Altegrity,( amongst countless other acquisitions where they leave the Kroll name out.)

 Altegrity is the firm that vetted both Edward Snowden, and the Navy Yard Shooter. Bill Bratton is the Chairman.

Altegrity brings to mind Integrity, and is but one of many companies presently owned by Jules Kroll and his family and associates that few know is under the control of Jeremy or Jules Kroll. 

Under the JemKroll guise, Jeremy, appears to offer advisory solutions(whatever the frig that means) investment opportunities to defense contractors, security firms, and those similarly situated: 

Jeremy M. Kroll is the Managing Member of JEMKROLL Holdings, LLC an investment and advisory firm focused on working with companies in the information technology, security, defense and financial services sectors.

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It's sort of a one stop shop for security and law enforcement pros. Earn the big money from working on our behalf, and stay with Jeremy who will invest the fortune we earned you already.

Quite a few of our most famous, and successful law enforcement entities, must feel in debt to the Krolls for the opportunities they have provided them, over the years.  So many are employed by DynCorp and Kroll security services. 

At John Jay, their stories are even being told(sold?) due to a Kroll's oral history of law enforcement initiative.  I'm sure Andrew Cash hopes that his history gets rewritten ASAP as he was a big shot at the DEA, before getting caught doing all kinds of filthy things for massive Ponzi Schemer and Kroll client, Allen Stanford.

Bill Bratton is the Chairman of Kroll, and many other public servants, have counted on and can count on lucrative private sector salaries if they play their cards right. Heads of the CIA , FBI, DEA, Scotland Yard,  Mossad and Shin Bet have all had top dog positions with Kroll, throughout the years. Now, JemKroll can invest these Kroll wrung fortunes/ill gotten gains for them too!

Google is not always a good guide- If you don't have reason to dig.

 If you do a cursory Google search of Kroll, you very well might come away with the idea that this corporation/empire/behemoth/goliathan nightmare  is interested in rooting out corruption. Great efforts are made to make them appear as the good guys. Good guys that are enriched and elevated due to good works. Sure, they take a profit, but that's the American Way.

They are alternately described as prominent and premier and even “trusted.”  They are often described as "Number one" in too many fields to imagine. Their areas of expertise seems to know no bounds.Ah, forgot... They are also "preeminent." Google will give you the impress that they fight corruption but my IMPRESSION is that they are the root of incredible amounts of corruption.

Considering how often they are employed by the government of America, and governments all over the globe - that impression of trustworthiness better be accurate. Considering how many court cases are won and lost on their word alone, you'd pray they can be trusted at all.

You would hope their famed "Fraud Reports" are accurate and not motivated by greed and politically motivated(or money motivated,) cover ups.

Considering that they operate forensic labs that conduct drug and urine tests-- trustworthiness is a necessity for the defendants, who must count on them for accurate results, or else face unwarranted devastation.

Can Kroll, and their many acquisitions, parent companies, sister companies, (brother companies and grandpa companies?)cohorts, cronies, and associates- be trusted?

In whatever incarnation, it is safe to say that Kroll is regarded as a premier name, all over the globe -- if you seek risk management, advisory solutions, Compliance, regulation, back ground checks for college admission, Tower  Cranes, risk mitigation, risk assessment, Threat assessment, reputational control, school security assessments, Port Authority advisement, drug testing, background checks of all kinds, credit ratings,  compliance, factual data, unfactual data(?), due diligence, corporate investigations, asset recovery, litigation support, pharmacy software, humvees, ammunition, private security for Iraq and Afghanistan wars,  cyber investigations, data recovery, internet security products, employment readiness,  forensic accounting, cyber security, advisory solutions, threat management, threat mitigations, risk analysis, government security clearance, armament to law enforcement, asset recovery, or bond and credit ratings expertise.  

Cranes, you ask?

Yes, Kroll has mastered tower cranes too!

And the crane operators after 9/11 were operated by Kroll- no less. And,  I'm not even a conspiracy buff, people. Never considered one conspiracy theory until Nick Kroll threw me deep down the rabbit hole. I'm guessing they have blue collar Kroll doing the manual crane work. Haven't discovered any googles on this blue collar division yet.

 In fact, I'm so averse to conspiracy theorizing that all these discoveries are making me nauseous. Let's just go with coincidence theory, or divine seeming dot connection- so as not to be met with that dismissive, " conspiracy," label. Scratch that... divine seeming dot connection might come across as needlessly grandiose.

Whatever the case, the "conspiracy nut" label is a favorite retort, with Kroll,when any skepticism is expressed about their astounding sphere of expertise.

Well, Wikispooks describes Kroll as more spooky than trustworthy, in this article about Londener, Ian Puddick:

In essence, Kroll's risk mitigation is some sort of  sinister euphemism for -- mess with us or our clients and we will save the assets and reputation of our clients as we destroy yours. Kroll Client and inveterate Ponzi Schemer,Allan Standford, was a satisfied client until the wheels of justice finally ground him down to where he belongs. Kroll kept his massive Ponzi scheme afloat for years and years and I guess that's fine. Ponzi Schemers David Tannenbaum and Scott Rothstien also are satisfied customers of Kroll thought ultimately they paid the prices. Most have gotten away with thier schemes if Kroll was on retainer.

Kroll (secretly) boasts the capacity to turn a civil case into a criminal one, if winning at all costs is the objective, and their client has does not have law and evidence on their side.

If you sue somehow they work for, or even just blog about someone they are hired to protect- they will secure certain corrupted Police  to fix the cases by turning what clearly is at most a civil dispute-- into a criminal one. More precisely: Sue our client,  and soon you'll be at the mercy of the crimnal justice system, stupid. Kroll waves his paychecks at these bozos do you think oaths mean shit to John Gregozek or the gang at the TMU- when such fancy jobs await. Jail, Bail, Charges, Character assasination, Railroadings. Drop the suit and shut the fuck up. 

As the head of Kroll's London Office, Ben Hamilton, told Ian Puddick via pay as you go phone,(and his admission that this occurred was found in discovery in a civil case.) " You don't know who you are fucking with.We have deep deep pockets. We will fuck with you like you have never been fucked before."

My abridged first hand account of a Kroll cluster fuck:

One of the most trusted(By Kroll) yet corrupted police units utilized by Kroll has proven to be the LAPD's Threat Management. Jeffrey Dunn, the head, and his crew of bogus stalking expert cops such as John Gregozek
John Gregozek when not pretending to be a real LAPD Detective

LAPD defective Jeffrey Dunn leading a terroristic raid ordered by Nick Kroll

A young Jeffrey Dunn before he became pudgy and rapacious
want to end up all rich and well traveled like Gregory Boles.

This unit vigorously works to protect the assets of the one percent, and they use the tax payer's money to carry this mission to completion. They pretend to be a unit that specializes in Stalking, but that is a front.  A front that allows them to rub shoulders with celebrities as well as to defraud the federal government for their funding of this sham unit.

The former head and supervisor, Jeffrey Dunn, has retired real early and soon he'll turn that badge into millions.

In 2008, when Nick Kroll's best chance at quick show biz success had gotten sued for a  series of vicious life destroying false accussations, and aiming to blacklist  talented people for no viable reason,  LAPD officers, John Gregozek, James Hoffman, Jeffrey Dunn and the gang, made sure that Tig Notaro would be free to pull a cancer scam with Nick Kroll, and not lose any face or finances...

Soon, they'll be living large like Gregory Boles, in other words. Boles was the head of that Unit and he know has a senior position at Kroll. I guarantee you(whoever you may be) that Jeffrey Dunn, John Gregozek, James Hoffman and a few others from that sham "TMU," unit will be working for Kroll ASAP. Worst comes to worst, Marty Singer, will hook them up with a glitzy position at Gavin Debecker. Big money in badges, if private security firms are involved.

One of Kroll's  other  less publicized specialties is "reputational management," which is a soft way to say that they will decimate your opponent, if their fees are forthcoming, or if you are a friend of the family, or an employee(The case with Tig Notaro and Ian Puddick,)

Whistleblower, Kathleen Dickson, seems to confirm this

They will turn your foe into a pervert or a stalker or a criminal or a crazy or all four - if that is what their victory requires. It does not concern Kroll that the foe might have not a trace of criminality, or any hints of perversion in their pasts. They have figured out a way to manufacture the impression of guilt where it does not exist, if this method preserves the assets and reputation of cancer scammers such as Tig Notaro or Ponzi schemers such as Allan Stanford, David Tannenbaum, and Scott Rothstien. 

Making false allegations of threats has been a very effective way for them to prosper in this particular specialty. Just feign fear and we'll make your feigned fear look real official.

 Once one of their Kroll cops starts submitting these false allegations as fact, the foe is going to lose no matter the truth. If worse comes to worse as one of their employees,  Former DEA head,Andrew Cash, said to Allan Standford Via email - " I'll talk to the judge."

It is also safe to say that Kroll is someone you you want on your side, not against you. If they are against you some like LAPD officer Jacqueline Montalvo, and Richard Chang, won't live to tell the tale.

Montalvo's crime? Refusing to lie for a malicious prosecution. Having information that would show Nick Kroll to be a vicious liar who had set up a fraud prosecution as a means to impress his "best comedy friend," Tig Notaro. In the  world I'd thought existed, Nick Kroll would be in big big trouble, had Montalvo not died in a mysterious car accident three day after she came in to sign up as witness for the defense.

Chang's crime? Reporting corruption.


But, if you do want them on your side, you will have either pay top dollar, or be friends with one of them, or someone they know.It will be money well spent if the utmost ruthlessness is required.

Methods, M.O's, and Means to Kroll's ends?

This 1998 article in Business week  gives a compelling overview:

In the late 1970s, he(Jules Kroll) helped create a new market for corporate investigations. A onetime Manhattan assistant district attorney, he realized that corporations would pay big for an investigative firm that could dig out employee fraud and other malfeasance.He recruited a savvy coterie of former CIA spies, FBI agents, and prosecutors by paying them as much as twice their public-sector salaries.

But there's more to Kroll's success than waving big paychecks at top talent. He has long inspired loyalty among his staff by remembering the names of even the lowliest clerical workers. He once even lent one promising young investigator the downpayment for his house. The personable Kroll is an avid schmoozer, too.

Drug testing too?

The Krolls and their share-holders(Marsh Mclennan and AIG to name a few,) have also branched out into drug testing. They have \multi million dollar contracts with the state of California, and many other jurisdictions.  For decades now, law enforcement has been giving credence to the tests results that emerge from their various labs and many convictions have resulted from their "results." Come to think of it many false negatives, for certain cronies, also might have resulted.

They have labs in Louisiana, Virginia, and contracts with state agencies, and the private sector alike. Their tests often are the deciding factor between freedom and years of incarceration.

I can only find one incident, online, where a dissatisfied defendant named Landon, has sued Kroll Laboratories LLC. Yet, one can easily deduce that many have little to no recourse when dissatisfied with drug or urine tests that turn up positive no matter the real story. Why would a lab lie would be the natural response. Only a paranoid loon would think that forensic scientists are not providing accurate tests for nefarious reasons. And, so it goes and goes and goes.

 if Kroll is in on the forensic scene- proletariat pee is in jeopardy.

Interestingly, Mr. Landon has to represent himself. That is strange since it’s been proven that the test was wrong . Lawyers should be lining up when such obvious malpractice is evidenced:.

Landon, legally representing himself, told the court that a false positive drug test just weeks before the end of his five-year probation sentence for forgery had cost him a new job, his upcoming marriage and thousands of dollars defending against the drug test results.

Landon discovered that Kroll Laboratories used a lower than recommended threshold for testing for the drug THC in the bloodstream, which made it likely that the results would be false positive. THC is the primary active ingredient in marijuana.

Landon said he wanted to pursue the case against Kroll on behalf of other probationers who may have been "bullied into prison without the wherewithal to challenge their drug tests," he told the Associated Press..

Kroll sued once more 

This is by no means the first lawsuit that involves Kroll, and these lawsuits all allege serious allegations of fraud and malfeasance on their part.Here's a recent one:

Saudi-based property development company, Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company (DAAR), and Bahrani-based investment Bank Alkhair BSC have issued claims totalling $1bn against the bank’s former chief executive, a chartered accountant, Kroll Associates and FTI Consulting Group.
It is claimed that the banker, Majid Al Refai, who was dismissed in 2010 after the alleged discovery of money laundering, had conspired with the other defendants to extort money from the claimants.
The defendants are claimed to have threatened to ruin the bank’s commercial relationships by, amongst other things, spreading damaging rumours in meetings with investors and ratings agencies and publishing damaging and untrue allegations about the claimants in an email circulated to analysts, investors and other third parties

So many bases covered. Jacks of all trades, or masters of way too much?

If that’s not enough responsibility to make your head spin,  Kroll also supplies military and law enforcement with armament, and other related supplies, through their Kroll O’Gara enterprise. Presidents have relied on O'Gara and now rely on Kroll O'Gara for their security. It is not a stretch to say that the President has Jules Kroll on speed dial.

There have been such a myriad of acquisitions, and name changes, throughout the now 41 years since Jules entered the public sector, that it is entirely possible that I will miss out on many of the companies in their command.  

It is safe to say that Kroll keeps its tentacles in many cookie jars.

Kroll’s Funny Business in the Funny Business

Jules's youngest son, Nick Kroll, too has forged an impressive career. In comedy, no less. So successful that readers of top line publications are treated to the intimate details of his breakfasts. This former Yeshivah Boy, and Georgetown grad, cracks wise to Ben Pomeroy about some of the gourmet items he chews, in this tasty recent article in Bon Apetit:

So successful, that he has won the heart of comedy’s sweetheart, Amy Poehler, and his every project is reported with anticipation by Andrew Goldman of the New York Times, amongst hundreds of other fawning journalists, who seem to regard him as a major player in the comedy biz. Nick has enjoyed a comedy career that was forged at rapid speed, and with  no evidence of the normal struggles we'd associate with making a name for oneself in the comedy business.

 His IMDB page evidences that his entrance into comedy was met with immediate TV opportunities.

Huffington post bloggers, and writers for New York's "Vulture," column appear to be fixated on this fellow, and his coterie of “comedy friends.”  Every youtube video posted by him or by this coterie of his "comedy friends,"  is given a full length article treatment-, encouraging the reader to buy what this boy is selling. 

The publicly funded and well respected, NPR, is one of the worst offenders when it comes to shoving the low brow bullshit that is Nick Kroll and other Kroll creations Nick's biggest fans.

 An interesting thing happens, when you are forced to pay attention. You start seeing certain names return with alarming frequency, and that all the articles written about this bunch appear as advertising - not journalistic enterprise.  I've recently learned that such surreptitious practices are not acceptable to ethical journalists. 

Noah Chestnut seems to view sponsored content being passed off as genuine entertainment journalism as objectionable. 

 Yet, this objectionable practice is UBIQUITOUS  when Nick Kroll is concerned...  This strikes me as  concerning, but if NPR is okay with it I guess...

When Nick Kroll's "oldest and best comedy friend," Tig Notaro continued her craven quest for fame and fortune in August of 2012, Amy Poehler made a strange announcement on Park and Recreations where she sought to impart how awesome Tig Notaro was.

I have never watched that show, but was told by a friend how jarring it was to them. Lena Dunham too suddenly tweeted about Notaro . 

I assumed it was a natural response by both, but now it appears as more a part of Nick’s attempt to forge a career using the tricks of the trades, he would learn from his super savvy father. I.e. Do favors for others and they will come back to return such favors.Keep people in your debt, and wave opportunity in front of their eyes, and you will replicate my success, Nick.

When Nick Kroll was set to return to Washington DC, to perform as a favor for his “oldest and best comedy friend,” Cancer profiteer, and comedienne, Tig Notaro, the Washingtonian printed a feature on his homecoming that mentioned his devotion to cancer comic Notaro. As did this Washington Post cover story:

" I would do anything for Tig," Said Nick Kroll. And, that would include him bearing false witness in a criminal case from 2008-2010.A case that mirrors the Ian Puddick case in chilling ways, and implicates Nick Kroll in a series of legal outrages, or illegal outrages. But, that story has yet to be truly told.

Nick also has been in a poorly received, and short lived sitcom, based on the much loved GEICO cavemen commercials. The fact that Kroll is heavily connected to AIG, which had acquired GEICO, has not been noted in any evident forum. If one wondered why this Nick Kroll had not paid any dues in the comedy scene, and yet was now given top billing on network TV, they should wonder no more.

 According to my research, it is a little known fact in comedy’s outer and middling circles, that Nick Kroll is the king of modern comedy. The Kim Jong  Ill Jr. of comedy might be more like it.

If one watches clips on Comedy Central, for the Kroll Show, they will see that GEICO is the main advertiser. Nutty Nick even had the Neaderthal he played in Cavemen named, "Nick".

But Nick Kroll didn’t let the  public's aggressive disapproval and ratings failure of Cavemen  color his career. He has moved on from that to executive produce and star in Comedy Central’s, “ The Kroll Show.”  And, he co-stars in FX’s “The League.”

Most articles written about this League show( that once boasted about having an ensemble cast,) appear to single Nick out as the scene stealer and stand out. I have not seen this show yet, but I would bet all the money Nick stole from me( and the State of California,) that this is just a a case of more of his faked press.

 I understand that Nick plays a cynical and mean spirited lawyer named Ruxin.I imagine this is more a case of mimicry than acting chops.

Buzzfeed seems to think Kroll’s portrayal of any character, merits full articles in their publication. Esquire even has an Eric Spitznogel who appears to be such a big fan.

 Grantland got into some warm water when they didn’t make it clear to their readers that they were promoting, and not simply reporting:

New York’s “The Vulture.”  Deadspin, Splitsider, Mediate, GQ, Esquire and the New York Times too seem to find this Nick's every move of interest, and see it fitting to cover his every creative endeavor. If Nick puts up a lame youtube, the elite press is eager for us all to see it, and painstakingly will supply the unwitting reader with a host of links that will facilitate the selling of Kroll, Notaro, and a few others lucky enough to have Kroll pulling all sorts of cynical strings.

You'd figure he was some great talent, if you didn't know any better. And, the chance anyone would know any better are slim. A sucker is born every minute seems to underlie his business model.

Recently, the mischievous Kroll appears to have been part of a prank that was taken seriously by the humor impaired:

Unfortunately, the vicious character assassination, and malicious prosecutions he’d instigate on behalf of his oldest and best comedy chum, Tig Notaro, was no joke. His use of the LAPD's Threat Management Unit, certain Friends of Kroll Judges, Scott Boxenbaum and Harris Wittels( and a lot of other cretins), to assure the decimation of an innocent person, was particularly onerous.

Nevermind. Let’s move on!

The few reviews for “The Kroll Show,”to be found online, were scathing and the ratings were poor, it was renewed by comedy central, and is set to premier in the new year. Many comments from those, not compensated by Kroll or his associates, seemed to regard this renewal with disturbed wonderment. As they should since the show is a disaster on ever level.

Nick has been awarded Variety’s prestigious “ Top Ten comedians to watch,” award. As well as a top award granted by Montreal’s prestigious Just For Laughs Fesitval.  The Paley Center for Media recently featured him on a whole two hour  production, hosted by Seth Myers, as a part of its prestigious programming. As did LACMA. It was even live streamed to the Intelligencia- This elite chattering class  that seems so transfixed  with the son of one of their most generous donors, Jules and Lynn Kroll.

I did not see the video, or the live stream, so I don’t know if it was mentioned that Rabbi Michael Paley married Nick's sister, or that the fact that a one season show, going on a second season, that lacks any merit was not a good candidate for a two hour Paley Center production about historical programming.

Nick recently hosted the Gotham Independent Film Awards,with his new lady love, Amy Peohler, watching lovingly in the audience. Lynn and Jules have long been big funders of independent film, press, and public TV, and radio, so they must have been particularly proud to see their son hosting over an event they had been so active in funding.  I heard that he "bombed spectacularly," but I have no doubt this public floperoo won't cause any dent in his ascent.

And, don’t for a moment think that Nick is the black sheep with his creative ways…

Nick told an adoring, Amos Barshad, in New York Magazine that his father is proud of him for his “entrepreneurial” approach to the comedy business

Jules Kroll is on a roll!

Despite Jeremy and Nick’s already impressive resumes, it is the older Kroll who has the most intriguing back story. The story(as told by The New Yorker, New York Times , Wall Street Journal,Wikipedia, The Atlantic, and other esteemed publications) starts normally enough:

Jules Kroll is born in Brooklyn, but raised in Bayside in what appears to be a middle class upbringing. Mother Florence “Flo” Kroll is a homemaker and dad, Herman, owned a printing business. Yet, despite those humble outer borough beginnings, he is soon bearing Ivy League credentials- Undergrad at Cornell.  Then, he is working on Bobby Kennedy’s campaign in 1968 , and then D.A in Morgenthau’s famed Manhattan Office.

Then, a seemingly personal setback leads to him setting the course for an unstoppable rise in the halls of business, government, and law enforcement. A rise that won’t be ever cease, if  it’s up to this wily Septuagenarian mega-mogul, and those who answer to him.

Let’s start with college:

At Cornell,  Jules Kroll was selected to join the highly secretive and super elite, Quill and Dagger Society.

Then, after completing Georgetown, he’d gone to work on Robert F Kennedy’s campaign, in Queens , in 1968.

During that period, he worked as a Deputy District Attorney in Manhattan too. But, a career in modest profit public service was not to be.

Jules Kroll’s father fell ill, during Jules’s residency as a Deputy DA, and Jules had to take a three year leave of absence to take over for his father’s printing business. There, Jules discovered not only graft, but that he had a gift for rooting out graft. He’d used a mix of  his  Ivy League pedigree, his nose for corruption,and his law degree, to root out the bad guys who were stealing from the family business.

This intoxicating mix of an elite education, and the ability to fearlessly face the underbelly, that had stolen from him and his family, would be credited with the beginning of his long and highly illustrious career in the private sector.As would his resounding defeat in two political elections.

His first gig with Marvel comics was so profitable that for the company, that soon he would work on retainer. Much later, when Nick’s friend, Tig Notaro, needed promotional assistance Marvel, was contacted to interview her and the podcast hosts advised to  describe her to its audience as the “most famous comedian in the whole world.”

After Jules lost the elections, he would never work in the public sector again, but he would be surrounded by those who did, or had. And, he'd be paying their salaries. He’d come to employ hoardes of Ex CIA, Ex FBI, Cops of all stripes, prosecutors, Ex Scotland Yard, Mossad, as Kroll operatives in the coming forty one years.

All now agree that when he founded Kroll Investigations, in  1972, he’d founded what would be the first manifestation of what Is now regarded as the “ modern corporate investigations industry.” No one disputes that Jules Kroll was the creator,  and now is regarded as the premier firm(s) for corporate investigations. But, few seem to know of the vast network of companies and employees that answer to him, and how many things he would appear to specialize in.

While before the Private eye business had seemed the domain of uncouth former cops, Jules’s Ivy League polish would transform that image in the eyes of those sophisticated enough, connected enough, or rich enough to have come across even the availability of such services. Mention Kroll to any one percenter, certain members of law enforcement, and you won’t get the vacant look you might face if mentioned them to the other 99 percent, or those unfamiliar with Kroll's influence on so many legal concerns.

My investigations into this iconic figure have not unearthed any anecdotes, from his time working on Robert F. Kennedy’s campaign, but his name would show up years later when Bobby’s Brother, John F. Kennedy’s assassination was in question, yet again.

The conspiracy theorists couldn’t let dead Presidents lie, it seems, and controversy had reared its ugly head, again. The speculation  over the notion of the one shooter theory would not be stanched. Even after the Warren Commission had submitted their findings, some in the media and elsewhere, insisted on complicating matters.

Such non complacents would include Bob Vernon, an NBC producer, and James Files -- a man now serving a life sentence for shooting at police.Though, much has been shown that disputes the police's take on that case.  Apparently, many others with solid credentials found Files version about his participation in the Kennedy assassination- credible, as well.

You see, James Files was insistent that he was present at that fabled Dallas scene.As of 2003, some  NBC rabble rousers had found him credible enough for a two hour broadcast, that was set to be aired shortly. Dick Clark was the producer, and by all indications was excited by what this program could provide us viewers.

 But, at the last minute a man, Ed Epstein, was brought in as a consultant. Novak would later accuse Epstein of being a CIA operative. As would many others who had good reason to know such things.  It appears that Kroll was hired by Epstein to investigate the veracity of File’s claims and that he did so, and then filed a report with NBC.  

The report called into question File’s claims, and the show was dropped soon thereafter.  The entire two hour production was scrapped on Kroll's  purported findings alone.

Those findings: Files could not have been in Dallas on November 22nd 1963, according to phone records. And, that Files had made up some nutty story of a twin brother and File’s wife had attested that no such brother existed.

The producer, Bob Vernon, had vehemently denied that Files made such claims, but his protestations  faced deaf ears. The Kroll Report would be the final word. The public would not only not the show then, but it would appear to be lost to history completely.
Years later a Wim Daankbar d in response to his well traveled website, and his article about the Vernon/Epstein/ Files matter
faced a slew of nasty websites, but no lawsuits.

If you find the interest and time to look at the anti Wim Dankbaar sentiment online you will see the classic discrediting methods used when one gets too close to the truth. A sure sign: reliance on the same words when in possession of no valid evidence: i.e. loon, stalker, crazy etc.

Whatever the case, the man who wrote the definitive STFU to conspiracy loons, Gerald Posner, sure does like Nick Kroll’s comedy.View shared post
This is the "Too Much Tuna" prank sketch from Kroll Show last night on COMEDY CENTRAL, with me, Nick Kroll, ... John John Hall and Gerald Posner like this.

Though the conspiracy buffs couldn’t let it go, by all indications Jules Kroll and his ambitions moved on fine. After submitting this report, their services were so sought after and so expansive in scope that the biggest titans of the Universe(at last count Kroll has sixty offices all over the word(NY, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Nashville, London, France, Spain, Brazil, Africa even,) signed up for his services.

 Such prestige doesn’t come cheap so only the VIP’s could afford such “service.” VIP’s or those like Tig Notaro who could offer Nick Kroll his own Largo show and an entrĂ©e into the world of his rich boy fantasies.
Jules Kroll had come a long way from Queens .His efforts at rooting out graft for his father’s printing business, proved the stuff of billion dollar businesses. Now, he and  his operatives( this is what Kroll employees are called since Kroll is regarded as “Wall Street’s CIA,”) were commissioned to find the billiions of dollars in assets that were hidden by the likes of Jean Claude  Duvalier, Ferdinand Marcos, Sadaam Hussein.)

When a tape was rumored to exist that cast a bad light on the Palace,“The Diana Tapes” Kroll were hired to find them. They would be tasked with rebuilding Enron even. Nokia and other major corporations such as Chevron also .Only some of their major coups are listed here:

Here’s a short list of the jobs Kroll has been commissioned to do from the inception of the firm’s founding till today. I say short because the ones I will list are only the ones that are available with just google as a guide, and my limited ability to access public records.  It is worth noting, that Kroll not openly employs ex prosecutors, ex CIA, Ex FBI, Ex Secret Service, and their international equivalents- but, it employs top journalists.

Both hungry freelancers with good reputations and big shot journalists. Here’s the non- chronological list of just of some of  Kroll’s jobs and chores from 1968 till the present.
1.(A very informative article that talks of Kroll’s vast expansions into other businesses as early as 1998)

1972: Kroll founds his Private Eye Business in New York Source: Wikipedia

1-      In 1968, Kroll worked on Robert F Kennedy’s presidential campaign( Source: Business week (Note: This is a very informative article that discusses Kroll’s expansion into many businesses as early as 1998)
2-      Vet the NBC Story that disputes the Oswald lone shooter theory- source: (Note: Kroll’s supposed findings made James Files seem uncredible and the two hour documentary was scrapped by NBC)
3-      Find hidden assets of Marcos, Hussein, Papa Doc: source:
4-      Find the Diana Tapes on behalf of the Palace-sources:, and

5-      Write a report commissioned by the City of San Diego that aimed to root out the corruption that many appeared to believe existed.‎,

6-      Write a report now called the Kenya Report. Source:, (Note: Many say the report is dubious.)
7-      Work on behalf of now convicted Ponzi Schemer, Allen Stanford -to find out who was writing negative articles about him and to discredit them once found. Sources:,, ( note: In an e-mail sent from Kroll to Standford spoke of how this operative “ Would talk to the judge.”)
8-       Interview whistleblower Richard Chang. Source:
 (Note: Allegations made by Chang’s family that Chang was not depressed and was a family man and it made to them no sense that during or right after the Kroll operatives left, he’d jump to his death. Chang was not involved with the corruption, but rather had reported it.)

9-      In 2008, Be the investigators when a breach occurred, and it was learned that Passport information for Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama, had occurred(and on a lesser scale- Passport info for Mcain and Hillary Clinton . source:,  
10-   Supervised entirely the “Consent Decree” placed upon the LAPD, after the Rodney King and Rampart Scandals had required the oversight of an impartial sort of uh… party. Bill Bratton is a Chairman of Kroll, and the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit is often approached by Kroll for their threat management expertise. Former Threat Management Head, Gregory Boles, has a senior position with Kroll now.
11-   Hire ex FBI agent, John Oneill to oversee security at the Building 7 of the World Trade center. He was hired by Kroll the day before or just took the job the day before. A movie “ Who shot John O’Neill,” seems to find Kroll complicit in severe shenanigans.
12-   Be responsible for security of The World Trade Center before, and during the 9/11 attacks.,Inc.shtml,
13-   Hired for their “data recovery” expertise to find out whatever wasn’t destroyed and was left on any hard drives to be found.,
14-   Do due diligence for investors with Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstien. They have since been sued for negligence though the judge threw that out because they get away with EVERYTHING. Source:
15-   When the City Of New York College needed to do an investigation into some serious allegations made by activist, Kroll vindicated those accused-
16-   Hired by Chevron for their “litigation support” services. Which in turn led to this article about an attempt to bribe a journalist by a Kroll operative named Cash:, and
17-   When a drug maker wanted to be sure nothing was preventing his fortunes from being reaped, he hired Kroll to investigate an FDA official and her family.
18-   Hired to decimate Ian Puddick when he began blogging negative things about one of their own.
19-    Be commissioned for 100k by the Connecticut school district to be in charge of security post Sandy Hook. ( these links struck me as particularly interesting-  
20- Here Kroll found fraud but why the hell would they be seen as credible!?
22-   And something to do with Enron that I can’t quite grasp.
23-   And they make money selling ammo too!
Oh yeah, I forgot, some wonder who vetted Edward Snowden and the Navy Yard Shooter.

(Not sure what the last one is about. Any ideas why they are now the vetters of our government contracters?  Boy oh Boy does Kroll get around. This begs the question... or a few questions. Such as, why the hell is Kroll in charge of vetting NSA contractors considering their actions in Brazil . Standford, FDA, Newtown,  Ian Puddick, the Rothstein Matter, the fact that after the Consent Degree was lifted from the LAPD, their reputation only got worse, and that some official was so disgusted with them that they filed a rip off report for their mishandling and abuse of the San Diego taxpayers. 

The fact that Kroll was responsible for monitoring the LAPD and Bill Bratton is a Chairman of Kroll is just too suspicious to handle.
 Despite it all, Kroll will continuously get described as prominent, premier, respected, and esteemed by the same press that know that if they play along—they will get a top paying position with Kroll, soon enough
I have no doubt there is Kroll gigs that I’ve missed, but I am restricted by my status as a broken down blogger, who might get killed if she makes calls to the wrong person, at the wrong time.

Aside of the rife for ominous feeling this article may impart, it’s a given to have questions -How much expertise can one have, and still be trusted? Why would a name that has enabled Chevron and two massive Ponzi Schemes be the one to call when impartial investigations are indicated.

 Why are jurisdictions all over America, and governments all over the world putting stock in these “Kroll reports.”  So much stock, that our jails are filled with those who were tested positive for drugs on their word, even. So much so that millions of lives have been adversely affected by their “findings.”

And, why did I become some scholar on this Kroll Dynasty. I would call them the Shmuck Dynasty but Shmuck is way too nice an insult. Why, you may wonder- Well, Nick Kroll’s name was used as a witness when Notaro went to seek a restraining order. Then, he was listed on police reports and we wondered who is this guy and why is he lying like this. Then, when I wouldn’t plea,  and the case had to go to trial, Nick Kroll showed up again and submitted the most vicious and false statement to the prosecutors.Statements that could have landed me in jail for 7 years, had I not gotten lucky enough to have the witnesses agree to come forth.

But, it was only till two months ago that I realized who he was and who is father was. And, that John Gregozek and Jeffrey Dunn were working on orders of Nick Kroll. No matter the law or the facts I was to lose and lose and lose. Not fair to the extreme. Once I did realize this, well you can see…. Dig dig dig.,000014,000799,001734
Note to those who've made it this far: I have been called a conspiracy nut for writing this and that is just so far from the truth... I hate even thinking about conspiratorial concepts. My default position is that people are good and trustworthy. Constantly disappointed but still... default position.

I have been accused of being an anti Semite for writing this...Well, that is too much of a joke to take seriously. I am extremely Jewish (ex yeshiva girl ,fluent hebrew, Mother a holocaust survivor), and was nearly neo-con, before I learned better just a few months ago. This has nothing to do with Jewishness other than the fact that I can't get over how corrupt some Jews are and the ensuing immense horror and disgust that Jews would act THIS WAY.

 Recent discovery that Nick Kroll not only ripped off the taxpayers in my insane malicious persecution, but ripping off tax payers seems to be a pattern with them.

Tax Watch: School tax breaks given to wealthy may not be ...
The Journal News
May 23, 2014 - Wealthy Rye resident Jules Kroll said the state should tell New Yorkers like ... The Krolls received STAR benefits totalling $3,024 for three years ...

State should get STAR breaks back from wealthy ...
The Journal News
May 24, 2014 - The city of Rye on Friday released the 2005 STAR application, signed by Lynn Kroll. Calls and email messages to Kroll at K2 Intelligence were ...


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