Tuesday, August 4, 2015

this post is for the nick kroll and tig notaro trolls. Enjoy!

So, some strictly anonymous trolls have come on my twitter account to accuse me of all sorts of things.

These nameless accusers say that this piece http://henypire.blogspot.com/2014/01/review-of-kroll-show.html
or this piece http://henypire.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-tig-notaro-cancer-scam-gets-even.html

is a product of antisemitism, and that in these pieces I allege that there is a CIA conspiracy to make Nick Kroll famous or Tig Notaro famous. Some have even suggested I am one of these believers in Illuminati.

Another common comment is that I am somehow writing big blog posts about how corrupt Nick Kroll and his family are, or  how Tig Notaro is pathological liar (who first defrauded the courts and then the public with a massive cancer scam-) because I am just so jealous of two barely known and highly unattractive comedians. C'mon I'm going to pick them to be jealous of when I've never been jealous of anyone in my life? I'm not going to pick A listers? I'm going to pick barely D listers?

Some comments suggest that this all has something to do with Nick Kroll's wealth.

Well I suppose I should address these strange discrediting attempts, even if all have only been made by nameless trolls who all seem too enraged and illogical to be real. Any read of the posts in question would immediately discredit those allegations, but hey the blog posts about Nick Kroll and his family and Tig Notaro's non stop inconsistent statements on her cancers story are loooong, so let's make this brief.

 Do I begrudge Nick Kroll his wealth?

 Absolutely not...I am of the belief that we all go through a rough road, to some degree. I do not care at all if someone is a zillioanaire. I grew up around rich kids and I never envied them a thing. I was middle class and had all I needed,and more. Again, I believe that we all suffer in this life, and I don't think money even makes that suffering better - if other factors factor in to make a life hard. Anyone who knows me could never say I'm competitive even, or one bit focused on what others have. re: Notaro . When it came to female comedians my feeling was the more funny women the better.  I'm the last thing from cut throat of jealous of anyone. Such a huge ugly crock what they both tried to sell as my motivations for my non existent crimes.

Am I an antisemite?

Well as an Pro Israel Jew, whose mother is a holocaust survivor, whose Grandfather died at the hands of the Germans, whose uncle died in the Sinai war, and who went to Yeshiva and who speaks fluent Hebrew... so no way...

I am not going into how when I fish I fish for Gefilte. I  I'll spare you my jokes that I'm  so Jewish that I piss Purple (cause I eat so much borscht, see) or that when I juggle I juggle only matzoh balls or felafels...  that is just too silly.

Suffice it to say... it doesn't get more Jewish than I.The fact that anyone would even suggest that strikes me as .... desperate and obvious.Yes it is true that Nick Kroll's family has incredibly powerful ties in the Jewish Community and that they have used that power very unkosherly... Unfortunately, that type of power has affected my life and affects the lives of many others.... and it pains good Jews when they see such bad ones...The fact that his family has such tentacles in the Jewish Community make my plight(and oh boy iis a plight) much worse.

Second crappy discrediting attempt: I am some paranoid nutcase that is posting blog posts wherein I allege that Nick Kroll's miserable career is somehow connected to the CIA, and that I am one bit interested in Kroll Inc. well documented relationship to 9/11.

Firstly, I am perhaps too un-paranoid in general. One of those too trusting clowns. If I am paranoid it's one of those 'oh no how can it be someone is actually against me' deals. And, even then it will take me long than most to even believe that....

Only delusion I've had was told to be my  sister: I was a baby and had a high fever I screamed about a non existent rat... But when it comes to Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro and the astoundingly dirty and sinister malicious prosecution they instigated... well there are real big and scary rats involved. Human rats... not imaginary high fever rats.

Do I believe 9/11 was an inside job? I can't imagine how that could work. Way Way too far-fetched and the accusations of it being the Israelis or the Jews makes it too ugly for me to even consider for a moment.  So I have to ignore Kroll's roll in both security and being the supplier of Humvees(starting right before the war with Afghanistan and Iraq) As a pro Israel Jew I refuse to even think about it, frankly. That might make me stupid or hopelessly biased, but it sure doesn't make me a believe in the conspiracy theories related to 9/11.

On Reddit, and then on Open Salon (RIP) others did see some CIA connection.with Kroll.. I don't... I never once read a spy thriller. Too scary or strange for me... Never one thought about the CIA or FBI being dark forces.... Thought they were the good guys. Now... I don't know what to think, but I sure can't even go there with Kroll and the CIA and Rogue elements etc. My nerves can't take it.

Do I believe in the Illuminati?

Well I'd never even heard that term till 2014, when in the course of looking into Nick Kroll I saw that term come up... I did very little googling before giving up. Lizard people. blood sacrifices. symbols of all kinds? Nope I don't buy into that stuff and find it hard to believe anyone does. I do believe very funky things surround Nick Kroll and his family, and the Krolls are "fixers" of all sorts.  But,it has nothing to do with lizard people etc. I did once compare Nick Kroll to a lizard and he jumped all over that... but I said that before I even knew that there was some lizard people thing even in the osmosis. I simply noted his uncanny resemblance to a lizard/and or a rat. For any record-- I do not know anything about Masons either... It all sounds very unrealistic to me, but then again... after what I went through... maybe anything is possilble.

This is my highly non insane theory on Nick Kroll's career in not so nutty nushell. 

 I firmly believe that Nick Kroll has sought to be the Jules Kroll of comedy and showbiz by using the M.O's mentioned in this article:

This article in Business Week http://www.businessweek.com/stories/1998-11-08/jules-kroll-danger-is-his-business  gives a compelling overview:

In the late 1970s, he(Jules Kroll) helped create a new market for corporate investigations. A onetime Manhattan assistant district attorney, he realized that corporations would pay big for an investigative firm that could dig out employee fraud and other malfeasance.He recruited a savvy coterie of former CIA spies, FBI agents, and prosecutors by paying them as much as twice their public-sector salaries.

But there's more to Kroll's success than waving big paychecks at top talent. He has long inspired loyalty among his staff by remembering the names of even the lowliest clerical workers. He once even lent one promising young investigator the downpayment for his house. The personable Kroll is an avid schmoozer, too.

Note: I think Nick Kroll has been writing big checks and securing funding for creative types who he sees as helping him out now or eventually to secure himself a role as not just a famous comedian but as a mover and a shaker in Hollywood. I think he likes to have others be his bitch, and that this worked for his father.... I also thing that offers from Kroll, as detailed in this article...are not restricted to litigation or business but have expanded to comedy and show business under Nick Kroll. Ironically, the most revealing things said about these arrangement can be found in a podcast named fate and starring .. Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro... Give it a google.

And, I think these two articles in "reputable publications" sum up a lot. 


and  http://theumpires.quora.com/Grantland-should-learn-from-The-Atlantic

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