The Unit has a famous psychiatrist on staff (Kris Mohondie) and they have mental health units (SMART) at the ready. They prepare extensively to assure that judges grant their celebrities is granted those restraining orders, by preparing affidavits and evidence to present to the courts.

 Here is but one example, involving Jennifer Aniston, and the same LAPD unit, and law firm,  maintained against my sister, and then me - Lavely and Singer.

This becomes relevant if you consider the one filed by Notaro. It becomes relevant when you consider how differently the Threat Management Unit and Lavely and Singer handled Aniston Vs. Notaro's application.

Look! Same Lawfirm listed. But no bar number given for Lavely and Singer lawyer, Allison Hart Sievers. There would be no affidavits submitted by any officer from the Threat Management Unit. No mention of tehir involvement even. It will become clear that Notaro filled it all herself and Gregozek et al refused to be on the record enablers of her vendetta at this point.

The case number is there- SS016746. Anyone can look online and see that nothing more but my response was filed in this case, when it came to these requests for orders. These are the entirety of the documents filed by Notaro in her effort to obtain a restraining order. Note that Notaro wasn't satisfied with just a regular temporary order. She sought an emergency ex parte order - one where no notice or hearing was required cause it was just such a dangerous situation: Wow look at that compelling series of reasons for the judge to discard due process and grant her such a request!

WEll on the first we can presume she had to .... uh go back and work a little harder. Son on May 5th 2008 she uh resubmitted this impressive effort.... SARCASM

Yes , ladied and gentlmen, that is all it took for this judge(his name is not listed and I do not know yet who this judge ) to make it possible that not only was there no hearing but no notice.

Note the roomates she lists as those who also must have restraining orders against my sister.


 This is what I'm sure happened. As of May 2008, when Nick Kroll made some calls, neither Lavely and Signer or this TMU unit wanted to get involved with a clearly malicious and disturbed woman like Tig Notaro. Or more exactly, they did not want to be on the record as being involved.

Flash forward to the filing of my sister's defamation suit on August 11th 2008.

Now, according to all evidence, the stakes changed. Lavely and Singer was retained for more than a few cease and desist letters. Up till that point we know this about the LAPD's Threat Management Unit and Lavely and Singer's involvement: They refused to be involved after James Hoffman and John Gregozek came to our house and spoke to the three of us.

Immediately after the defamation suit was served on Notaro, A letter in the mail... From the office sof the City Attorney. Alisa Spitzberg is charged with a crime. My mother, who had trusted police like crazy, called Gregozek...... " How could you do this. You know that girl is a liar."

And, what did Gregozek say in response?  "What could I do. You sued her didn't you?"

My mother was so confused by this response, that she asked me, " It is illegal to sue someone."
Based on Gregozeks' bad faith "reports," one city attorney (Phyliss Henderson) agreed to press one charge - a  misdemeanor - that would be pursued as if it was a triple homicide (seven search warrants overall. Six of those " special circumstance" Warrants reserved for pedophiles, and terrorists. then competency schemes, then lawless jailing, then a twelve day trial etc.)

That one bogus charge, didn't induce my sister to accept to accept a plea bargain of "informal diversion" on October 16th 2008, and so they had to find away to get that plea. (The plea would insulate all involved, till that point, from the liability that would be expected when you are a part of a malicious prosecution that has caused great damage.)

When I sued Notaro for defamation(after learning she'd been defaming too)Marty Singer's second hand woman, Allison Hart Sievers,  ordered Gregozek and city attorney, Kelly Boyer, to add more charges, using more false allegations. I did not know that a civil attorney can do that, but that is what happened.

FYI: After securing illegal exigent circumstance warrants, no evidence of any of the allegations made by Lavely and Singer lawyer was found.

But that didn't stop John Gregozek from trying to make Nick Kroll and Marty Singer happy, as you will see.

Did they add charges based on those orders and false allegations, from a famed Entertainment firm lawyer, named Allison Hart Sievers ?

Or more exactly, did Kelly, "Dear Kelly" Boyer add the four charges that John Gregozek would claim she did here:

The answer is that Kelly Boyer refused to add any charges, because she knew this was a vendetta, and that something was very wrong. But, that didn't stop John Gregozek from writing that she added FOUR charges on January 26th of 2009.

But, John Gregozek was so sure that she would that he wrote this out, and who knows who saw it, along the way.

Lavely and Singer's clients: Bill Cosby, John Travolta, Bryan Singer, Charlie Sheen, Sylvester Stallone, Scientology, Jennifer Aniston, and Tig Notaro?

This is the part of the story, that is hardest tell, but it must be told. To insinuate that a key witness in my defense was murdered for what, by all appearances, was a tiny insignificant misdemeanor?

But, appearances were, and are deceiving in Case 8CA10541. This turned out to be a case where Alissa Malzman Sterling

 said this about Martin Boags

(the city attorney assigned the case a year in. give him a google. WHOA) ,

Sterling said about Boags: "He is trying to make his name on your case." Alissa then added, "I'm trying to make my name on your case too." She then paused to say, " But that is wrong. This is not about me. You are being maliciously prosecuted."

Nice, I guess, that she was honest, and that she regarded my role, for a sec, but this assertion,"you are being maliciously prosecuted," did not prompt Malzman to file the many appropriate motions to stop this malicious prosecution. She did not get out to the press. She also told me, " My mother is outraged by your case," but again, this did not prompt her to try and remedy the outrages, in any real way.
She did not motion for a bail hearing or to traverse the warrants. She did nothing but try to win some charges so she could put it on her resume. Mid trial when the comedian false witness were on the stand, Sterling looked at me and said, "You are being railroaded." But, that too didn't prompt her to take the actions one would expect from any defense attorney.

She went on to try to make her name, and at the same time - to not make enough waves - to compromise her career.

It all does sound insane. As a sane person, I am keenly aware, of things that sound insane. To claim that a police officer was murdered in your case, is as outlandish, as it gets. But, stick with me to see that it is rooted in fact and evidence.

Why would Boags or Malzman feel they could make their names on Case 8CA10542? Why would this be so high stakes?

There are a million other whys in the cases I've had to endure over the years, but let's try to stick to Officer Montalvo.

We can prove that Officer Montalvo was to a witness for my defense.

(We should have much more proof since she talked to Alissa Malzman in person, and Malzman should have a signed statement and she should hand that over to me, but since as she admitted, " I work for the city, Alisa" she would not hand me this statement. But, I do have the minutes

Very interestingly, a month before Montalvo said she'd be my witness, Martin Boags included Officer Montalvo as a prosecution witness. 

 On January 20th 2009 (see document) when came into to court to tell the prosecution and my public defender, Malzman, that she never wrote any police report or incident report on April 29th 2008, because she did not think any crime was committed. This was very strange considering that Detective John Gregozek had written a police report where he had included an incident number - here it is

Please, take note of the number ( 0804300005196)

What if I told you that no such number or incident report exists - That Gregozek falsified a report and that no reports or numbers exist for the police arrival alleged on April 12th 2008 either( see above document)

 I won't even get into how every accusation in this report, was proven false, early on, and Gregozek and then a James Hoffman(with the blessing of their supervisor, Jeffrey Dunn) kept submitting these lies long after they knew them to be lies. In report after report, search warrant after search warrant.

Lets' get back to the fake number and the police coming on April 12th 2008, but the sisters were not there etc - 

Four days after confirming the fact that Gregozek, for whatever reason, was lying in his reports - actually fabricating an incident number - Officer Jacqueline Montalvo was dead. A car accident. At first, they said there was no smell of alcohol at the scene. Later they'd say she in fact was very drunk. This was after the medical examiner got involved.

You can google LAPD officer Jaqueline Montalvo to confirm.

Years later, these comments were left on an article written about Montalvo's untimely death. All the comments can be found here, (17)

But, I've only pasted the once that are the most uh... uh... compelling.

LAPD Officer· 290 weeks ago

She was not scheduled to testify in any case that had anything to do with the LAPD, just the normal patrol officer's criminal cases, that all officers testify to on a daily basis. No investigator will do a presumptive test on a deceased person. The victim/suspect is dead, they are not going anywhere and the coroner (who is very busy with pressing murder cases and others more important cases than an "accident" will do the most through test on the deceased.

LAPD Officer· 290 weeks ago

Oh and by the way... Police Officers are not above the law, they are susceptible to the same weakness and frailties that all human beings are. She was drunk, she drove drunk and she paid the ultimate price. That is not a reflection on her profession, but in her choices that day. We all make bad choices and we all (police or not) pay for them sooner or later.

JR· 95 weeks ago

Jacqueline ate and drank (with a male off duty officer) for several hours at a bar in Chino Hills before she got into her car and crashed. I was there with friends. There is no conspiracy here.

JR· 95 weeks ago

Jacqueline ate and then drank for several hours at a popular hot spot in Chino Hills immediately before the crash. I was there with friends. The male off-duty officer she was drinking with received the ominous phone call while still at the bar. There is no conspiracy here, just an unfortunate event.

anonymoussorta· 86 weeks ago

Despite all this, of course it could all be a coincidence. Surely, Officer Montalvo wasn't murdered for what seems such a small case.

Let's take a look at what Officer Montalvo's testimony could have engendered -

 She was going against this prosecution, and she was going to have to say that John Gregozek and James Hoffman with the blessing of their supervisor, Jeffrey Dunn, had falsified a number in an effort to essentially rail road me, and have the city attorney bring unwarranted criminal charges. Then, when no plea was accepted by me - seven search warrants with these exact same false allegations, sworn to by Detective John Gregozek and then James Hoffman. 

So we know that Gregozek, Hoffman, Dunn, have now behaved corruptly. But why?

Why was this "Elite Unit," working so so hard( evidence of that, coming) to turn me into a stalker, a creep, and a criminal? Long after they knew everything told to them by Mathilde Notaro and Stef Willen(the only "witnesses" they would ever claim to talk to(via phone) they persisted and persisted, using the public's money, to close the deal.

What deal. Why would they want to close any deal. Why they were on such a case, in the first place, is also a good question.  According to Gregozek, they were on the case because I sued Notaro for defamation.

"What could I do. You sued her." he said to my mother when she asked him why he was doing what he was doing.

Because I sued her for defamation.... I did sue her for defamation. Who were the lawyers that would represent her in that suit - Lavely and Singer. Allison Hart Sievers. Marty Singer's firm. Allison Hart Sievers is often co- counsel with Marty Singer

Perhaps you've heard of Lavely and Singer. There's a better chance you've heard of Marty Singer. 

You see, Marty Singer, is infamous. Infamous for cleaning up the messes of assorted big name celebrities, politicians, financial entities.

Here's a few names: George Soros, Harry Reid, The Julius Baer Bank(against Wikileaks) Arnold Shwartzenegger, Charlie Sheen, Sylvester Stallone, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Chris Rock. .... Tig Notaro.

One of these things is not like the other... Tig Notaro? Who is that,many still say. But back in 2008 till 2011... back before she became semi obscure by claiming cancer... everyone said,"Who is that and how can she afford Marty Singer?"

Back when this started, Notaro was a semi succesful comedian. Mostly known for being friends with Sarah Silverman and other bigger names in "Alternative Comedy."

What I didn't know, and most anyone would not know is that Notaro had another very wealthy and connected friend named Nick Kroll. And I sure didn't know that Nick Kroll had a big plan to get famous. Favor for Favor, and to use his impressive connections. He'd composed a "list" and he'd write checks to those on the list or send them on fancy vacations, take them on one of his father's private jets, and in return, they would cast him or book him on assorted talk shows. He'd also hit up on his family's press contacts to get glowing articles and mentions. Much of that is in the Kroll Show Review link below. 

At the time, I had never heard the name Nick Kroll. But, soon in I saw that he was listed as a key witness to the events of April 29th 2008. Then, later he would submit a vicious and false statement to the prosecutors two months before trial, when Martin Boags was aiming to add more charges in order to terrorize me into a plea bargain.

As you can see, he  is mentioned - look at April 29th 2008.

And here he is listed  5th on this witness list.

 Oddly, this is the first time since the first fraud police report, that he is mentioned. His statement to the prosecutor is being sought by Alissa Malzman -who so far refuses to hand over many things. I do have a copy in an old computer that died and the minute I get the money I will retrieve it.

But, for now, we know that Notaro or Kroll have placed Nick Kroll at the alleged incident of April 29th 2008 -
Notaro alleges that many crimes occurred. pushing patrons. disorderly conduct, menacing, trespassing, assault, battery, stalking, harassment etc.

Nick Kroll will be a witness, he has assured the prosecutors and police. Gregozek will submit that all of their allegations are true. Based on what? Based on his phone chats with Mathilde "Tig" Ntoaro and Stef Laurel Willen - nothing more - as admitted in subsequent interrogatories - (paste here)

Yet, the trained professionals - Officers and Montalvo - don't believe any of that. After talking to Notaro and whomever else Notaro had told her to talk to, Montalvo gave a quizzical smile and then conferred with Officer Badar - this prompted Badar to say, " Ladies you are free to go home. There's been no crime here."  Then Badar said something that we could not make sense of for a long time -
" If I were you, I'd get a lawyer."

In the same document please note that the names of Montalvo and Badar are omitted,

of the other alleged officers that had to come to a "scene" Patrol officers only...

Here it's the police were called and they arrived . we know that not only did no police arrive, no police were ever called. So, this is all very fishy. invented incidences. invented cops. invented incident numbers. Considering the accusation made related to that date - The owner had to lockdown the club for an hour - why wouldn't police be called. Later, Notaro would say that the club was, "on lockdown for 3 hours" as my sister and I tried to break in repeatedly.

All for an unknown comic with the irritating name of "Tig" Notaro?

No. All for,  and all due to Nick Kroll's involvement and counsel throughout.

This is how that went down: Notaro made a bad choice. She hated me for no reason, that I can understand and she decided to create ugly lies about me. When I learned of this, I tried to appeal to her and make her stop doing this. She wouldn't and so my sister and I took legal and unthreatening measures to have her cut it out. Again, she made the choice to continue with her smear campaign.

Not knowing what to do, I went online and wrote some humorous things on the message board, Datalounge. Very soon in tons of information was coming out of the posters there. In short, Notaro was a known creep. A liar. Offline I met two comedians who described Notaro as a "predator." A friend of Notaro's from Denver contacted by e-mail and told me Notaro was a sociopath and she knew Willen and didn't see her as a sociopath, but as an obsessed loon, whose whole life revolved around Notaro.

Understandably, Notaro didn't like to see these kinds of things online. She had long sought to be famous. Sometime during this week long time period, her friend, Nick Kroll, told her she needed to save her "brand." To do so he counseled her she needed Marty Singer and the law firm of Lavely and Singer. They would hook her up with dirty cops in the Threat Management Unit. They'd make sure that her interests were protected.

First step was for Lavely and Singer and Allison Hart Sievers(Or Marty Singer since we have not been given the "cease and desist" letters) to take down anything negative written about Notaro, from datalounge. The webmaster, seeing Marty Singer's notoriously threatening and over the top letters, complied. But, this didn't stop me or the others from talking about Notaro. Her removal of threads had the "Streisand effect," and she likely wanted to do something to stop it.

Since Notaro is a sociopath, it never occurred to her to apologize profusely for her decision to start a vicious smear campaign against a stranger. No. She would let Marty Singer and Nick Kroll take care of it. The Threat Management Unit recognized that she and Willen were liars and did not want anything more to do with this matter, after May 7th 2008. But, when I dared sue Notaro for trying to ruin my life by deeply damaging defamation-- Lavely and Singer and the Threat Management Unit were brought back into the picture.

Here is a link, written by an unbiased individual that sums up what is going on with Marty Singer and the Threat Management Unit.

How did she afford Marty Singer's 500 - 800 an hour fees? Well, Nick Kroll's family is so rich and connected that he either paid them or Singer owed him some favor, and no one had to pay.

Franica Tawn(a public defender, assigned early on) told me, "Notaro's lawyers are contacting the prosecutors a lot... very interesting. She refused to elaborate, when I asked her what that means.

Here's the stuff that I got, over time, that evidences Lavely and Singer's contacts with Gregozek and the prosecutors. Interestinlgy, Kelly Boyer would not add the charges, Allison Hart Sievers demanded and they had to get notoriously dirty prosecutors like Jennifer Waxler, Felise "Backfat" Kalpakian, and Martin Boags(a man who unbenched his own father - Judge Charles Boags)

Look how charges and search warrants are demanded: 

Look how Mathilde, "Tig" Notaro is able to get out of a subpoeona when Lavely and Singer is involved.

Ramirez let Notaro out of the subpoena. Kelly Boyer(god bless her) refused to add any charges because none of this was true and there never was any evidence this was true. Jennifer Waxler did submit to Lavely and Singer's wishes and that is an interesting bit of insane corruption by the City Attorney of Los Angeles.

How connected and wealthy is this Nick Kroll?

Well, this letter from Internal Affairs is not fair,

and not one thing in this case, was fair. In fact, it was criminal and it was evil, because at the time of all this began, Bill Bratton,was a high level employee of Nick Kroll's father, Jules Kroll. All the judges, and prosecutors and cops could be scouted by Jules Kroll and be on easy street.

This in particular:
In the late 1970s, he(Jules Kroll) helped create a new market for corporate investigations. A onetime Manhattan assistant district attorney, he realized that corporations would pay big for an investigative firm that could dig out employee fraud and other malfeasance.He recruited a savvy coterie of former CIA spies, FBI agents, and prosecutors by paying them as much as twice their public-sector salaries.

But there's more to Kroll's success than waving big paychecks at top talent. He has long inspired loyalty among his staff by remembering the names of even the lowliest clerical workers. He once even lent one promising young investigator the downpayment for his house. The personable Kroll is an avid schmoozer, too.

Though, Charlie Beck would sign off to the lawless and unfair responses to my internal affairs complaints

Now Ray Kelly also has been hired by Kroll.  The allegations made to the Internal Affairs were clearly very valid. There can be no dispute that John Gregozek, James Hoffman and Sam Moreno lied under oath and that no search warrants were warranted, but were ordered by Allison Hart Sievers of Lavely and Singer and so the corrupt Gregozek complied

For some reason the main judge in my case, and a judge that made incredibly lawless ruling and statements, was mayor Villargroassas sister, Mary Lou Villar. Jules Kroll and Marty Singer are close associates and friends of Mayor Villargrossa. So is Charlie Beck.

Aside of the fact, that at that time, Nick Kroll was volunteering to bear false witness, Bratton was the cheif of Police. The mayor was a close friend and associate of Jules, Jeremy, and Lynn Kroll. So were all the judges, who were appointed by Arnold Shwartzenneger. Arnold Shwartezeneger was not only a client of Marty Singer(and liked Kroll Inc.) but I was told by a very reliable source that Shwartzenegger is very grateful to Marty Singer for covering up all his dirt, throughout the years, and so when it came time to appoint judges, Marty Singer was the one who decided.

Considering what I saw and experienced, I believe this to be absolutely true. The fact that all the lawless and corrupt judges in my case were recent Shwartzenneger appointees was something I noticed throughout - Judge Mary Lou Villar, Judge Georgina Ricz, Judge Samantha Jessner, Judge Karla Kerlin, Judge Robert Vanderet, Judge Maria Stratton. I won't even go into the search warrant judge(Craig Richman) cause they were likely just tricked by Gregozek et al. But, Craig Richman then showing up as  hearing judge is suspicious.

So, in short --- incredibly bad odds to get any justice. Cards stacked beyond belief. The power of Kroll, of Marty Singer, of the state(now those who are trying to please Marty Singer and Jules Kroll's son so they can get great jobs ASAP)

And, since they'd anticipated that I'd lay down and die, early on, the whole thing became a threatening mess to them...The set up described here

would face too much scrutiny. The civil suits, if the charges were dismissed, would entail a million dollar plus compensation, if ever heard by a jury in any civil rights case, that had to follow. Gregozek, Dunn, Defoe, Hoffman, Viramontes, and others in the LAPD's Threat Management were working as a "thug force." The new Anthony Pelicanos. The new Arneson( Google those names and note that Judge Karla Kerlin shows up too)

As of February 22nd 2010, the Stalinesque comptency plot had been foiled. The 31 days of illegal jailing(AKA coercive confinement) hadn't compelled me to take any plea bargain. After ordering the documents that proved that Notaro(and her witnesses Griffe, Seccia, and Mark Flanagan) had lied in a big way, Boags did not do the right thing - instead of calling into to the attention of the powers that be, and having it all dismissed with a settlement offer to compensate me and my family for this nightmare, they'd put us through, Martin Boags added four charges as a means to terrify me into accepting their plea.

As of February 22nd I was facing seven charges. Some serious, though all misdemeanors. I could have faced  7 years had I got Samantha Jessner, Robert Martinez, or Robert Vanderet as judges, because all three were trial judges, and they were and are, as corrupt as can be.

Enter Heidi Feigin, Sam Consuegra, Julius Quinn Roberts, Officer Jaqueline Montalvo- all coming to court to sign up as my witness... to testify, under oath, that none of what was alleged had happened. Quinn could have testified to the lie about the police coming. Sam would testify that there was no incident of any kind at the Tsunami coffee house, Feigin could testify that Notaro was a liar(her words, " why is she lying like this) and she could show that not only was Notaro lying but Gregozek et al, were perpetuating these lies to railroad me. And, very importantly, she could attest to the fact that someone was calling her( She thought it was Hunter Siedman- Notaro agent) but I don't think it was him. Heidi Feigin told Alissa Malzman Sterling that Heidi was now going to be an even better witness, because she was getting really "pissed off" that Notaro's agent was calling her repeatedly and saying, " Why are you testifying for the other side."

All that testimony (Which was squashed by a ruling that followed no law) would have exposed a lot.

But, let's focus on what Officer Montalvo could have brought to this terrible table - 

She could bear witness, that TMU detective, John Gregozek, had not only written out false statements by two clearly malicious woman, as gospel, but he'd falsified an incident number, to impart some ... I don't know. I know he falsified a number. He'd also either sought out Montalvo to try to get her to lie or he never sought her out. Either way, that was very damning for him and this unit. Jeffrey Dunn, and Hoffman and now the whole unit was involved

What else could Montalvo's testimony accomplish? 

Her testimony directly contradicted Nick Kroll's ugly lie filled testimony to the prosecutors. Had that come out, Nick Kroll's role as the ringleader in all of this would come out and it would not be good for Jules Kroll's son and his aspirations. He's wasted hundreds of thousand dollars of the city's money on some sick game.

It would not be good for Marty Singer. He'd terrorized and stolen from a holocaust survivor( My mother) It would not be good for the City Attorney, The DA(Richard Vagnozzi and the rest in Division 95) the Shwartezenner appointee judges- Kerlin, Jessner, Maria Stratton, Robert Vanderet, Mary Lou Villar et al. Division 95's dual ( and super sinister) purpose of terrorizing defendants into plea bargains.