Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This day in History September 16, 2009

Los Angeles Courts are closed because something is so wrong with Los Angelees on so many leves.  They are throwing money down the drain .I"ve seen it firsthand. So, I can't even get ahold of the court clerk who told yesterday to call her today.

Murdered yale girl strangled.  But, why then the bloody clothes?
Anchor provides this ugly information with great gusto.

The Honduran interim leader is stuck in NY waiting on Greta , maybe having a late lunch?

Everyone is also unemployed according this same newsman

Misery needs company so that probably helped my state of mind a bit.

Have to go to the 98 cents store in Torrance- It's that bad. Tip bar the right.

coaches overdoing it and kids dropping dead for teen sports. People are so serious about so many stupid things.

Keywords is the trick I learned today and so I'm going to utilizing keywords in a different way. Soon I'll be blogrolling and linking as my blog is here to stay.

I love/hate you blog and am not sure I'm happy you exist.
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