Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How do they stand themselves?

As my blog readers know, my neighbor murdered the handyman exactly outside my door in late January. Three bullet holes through the door and a lovely guy left to die. Oh MY! And now the new tenants finally showed up(finally is what the landlord was thinking not I-- no desire for new neighbors) and they are three morons. I'm not sure who lives there and if one is a boyfriend or something but I do know that they are wearing those outrageous wool caps and it is so stinking hot out and they are just wearing these idiot wool caps and they appear to be in some style. I've noticed that many boys who think they are handsome wear these wool caps in all seasons but these boys aren't even good looking and I want them to go away. I ran into them all by the door about a week into them moving in and I struck up a conversation about the murder and they said in response and I swear, " That's gnarly." and, then I got stuck with them in an elevator last week and they are either genuine valley fools or they haven't been told that that shtick died off quite some time ago. Either way, they are awful and I wonder how the murderer is doing.

I think it best I throw out a question as I want a lot of answers.

. I think that wrongfully prosecuting someone or making a false accusation is akin to murder and should entail life in prison. It is the lowest thing imaginable and I've come across a non stop procession of those who think this is fine as long as it benefits their careers(names coming soon) Do you agree?


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