Friday, May 31, 2013

A polish spammer weighs in on one of lifes great mysteries-- i.e the absence of swimwear posts. Also, please support Carmen Trutanich for assessor general

A recent comment on well read blog:

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Blogger here: I only saw this days after it was posted . Therefor, I could not take action that afternoon. The success promised by the  Pulitzer prize winning essays on the intel of swimwear that I am capable of, is forever lost. The only hope for success left is being the blogger who catapults Carmen Trutanich into the assessor position come summer.  I will round up the usual suspects and present their endorsements in real time. Please, support the steps Trutanich must make to stay busy enough so as not to lose his last dull marble. Please give him any job where he doesn't have the power to jail innocent people
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