Friday, August 7, 2009

I want to be to be the inventor of a new genre soooo bad.

My mother just told antony from chase to "keep the good vork" rather than I guessed correctly, "keep up the good work," though when I inquired my mother giggled and told me she always just talks nonsense. she is the queen of noirishkeit, as the yidish teens might say.

the legal
biz is a scam.

Motion sickness
is too obvious
and writing motions doesn't really
make me sick as much as
feel as if they are
wasting so much of me and
my family's precious time and more.

I want to see judges disrobed
I mean, unrobed or unbenched
because no judge so far has been

The mayors sister isn't a bad looking lady
but her rulings and choice of clerk
and abuse of her power over the bailiff
make her look like a meaner version of her brother
with earings and a wig.

I want to start many new blogs
but have to write motions many
more motions by tonight
and that
ain't right
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