Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Karla Kerlin and Samantha Jessner have no regard for human or any rights or for the constitution

Such fancy IP's searching my blog looking up " Karla Kerlin corrupt," and  "Judge Samantha Jessner."  Interesting and maybe heartening.  I won't even get into a particular justice related IP that is looking up very particular and exciting things.

It is so long overdue that Judge Karla Kerlin and Judge Samantha Jessner either beg for absolution or are exposed as the chillingly corrupt shrews that they are. So much is so long overdue.

Man oh man are they corrupt, googler from the County.
Judges Karla Kerllin and Judge Samantha Jessner, without ambiguity, are   brutally corrupt women.  Sadly, so many more, in case 8CA10541 were.  Judgewise: Only Maria Stratton rivals the other two in chilling and  bloodless abuses of discretion. They all would thrive, and do, in corrupt regimes.

But, today Kerlin and Jessner are  of  interest to someone off in cyberspace. Who can know why. So, we''ll focus on them.

No, we won't . I have too many things to do that seem more important that commenting on the vicious and vile abuses of Karla Kerlin and Judge Samantha Jessner. I'll just say that they are wicked, truly rotten to the core, and that they destroyed my peace of mind and the lives of me and my family.  They were so blatantly corrupt that it appears they feel they can do so with impunity and of course I hope they are wrong.
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