Monday, August 24, 2009

inertia and the dream of an apple fritter and other matters

I don't what it is -- it could be my labels, or my apropo of nothing (you'd know) legal motions or pics of ladies who are not famous etc but I barely got hits today. I've tapped into my tenatiosness and stamina and so I'll keep posting and posting until something clicks and or the person in Oman spreads the word.

Wheel of Fortune on again as my mother finds it soothing though she barely every tries to solve the puzzles- another BEFORE AND AFTER PUZZLE


I wasn't even aware of coconut soap. I anticipate that show to exist till the end of my life,  and I predict that Pat and vanna will live to be 114 years old and the "puzzles" will become even worse and the prizes even more exorbitant and I predict that my writing on Wheel of Fortune will not help with my hit issue.

Great article about Michael Savage in the New Yorker. I've never had any interest in talk radio and so any talk radio personality is unfamiliar to me. I know the very famous one's names but not reallly what they do. I even vaguely knew of Michael Savage but only as some sicko hate monger shithead. But, bless the heart of this great writer of the piece- Kalef Sanneh,  he really doesn't let dumb politics blind him and he writes a real piece of journalism about a very interesting seeming guy. In general, the New Yorker is the tops but when left leaning politics sneak it(and they often do) it tarnishes the greatness.

I found it very heartening because I've gotten a real aversion to liberals and when you read this article you'll undestand why I found it so enjoyable.  Michael Savage lived in Bekeley and San Francisco( as did I btw) but he was immersed in the lefty world( he was a Herbalist!) and he saw what I've come to see- self described lefties are ... yicky. I think any political person is foolish but there was something about those hippies in Berkeley buying 14 a pound cheese that led me to write many an angry poem  about overpriced olives when I lived in Berkeley. If I think of where I stand on almost all the big "isssues" I'm a bleeding heart completely and yet the limousine liberals offends me more than the nutty evangalist.

Well, this post came from the rank desperation of seeing 27 miserable hits to my blog, today and that desperation stench probably permeates every paragraph.... but some days are like that.

saw more donut shops and again with the Initial name thing( KJ's donuts) and a Winchells(Which I must try before I die as they seem to really specialize)

That last sentence brought the strongest craving for an apple fritter but inertia of epic proportions makes such a pilgrimage unlikely.
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