Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hot outside and I am starting to buy this global warming business

Almost got into 5 car crashes today as I squinted to see if a donut store was in each mini mall. Kings Donuts, just Donuts, anoher yum yum donuts(quite sure it's a frachise at this point!). The southland is wild for donuts, but it's very on the down low. well, that's my conclusion as no one I've ever met seems that keen on donuts but there they are.  I'm a little shocked and  a lot dissapointed that no one has commented saying " Oh my god you are so right about this donut thing.... what is up with that etc."

The fact that almost daily I do a donut survey and noone cares is a bit much but much is a bit much.  Lots of Markets and Marts too on the way downtown.  Downtonwn Los angeles: so ... no! police in purple shirt everywhere and the crazy all over and then some misplaced hipster and some awful cops watching over a movie or tv set and so not New york city and no purple shirted cop can help. I hate to be a wet blanket, but I  siimply can't see this downtown bullshit place ever taking off despite all the supposed "Lofts"

Wheel of Fortune on: " PEACEFUL MEADOW"
who the fuck ever says that? No one.

How is this show still on when such puzzles are beyond retarded.

Wonder, I do, about what is different about Marts and Markets????

What does that "ke" stand for that sets it apart.  So many liquor markets and mart on the way downtown and back. So many smokers out today. Economy? Futility issues returning? By the court of appeals(huh?) all green benches occupied by smokers. great sight for me. I think that all the stopping smoking has been really bad for society. I really do. 

Kind of really pleased with myself for getting the reply in with only 5 days to do it. If somehow they too are bought off then a motion for a rehearing and then supreme court. Who knew I was such a tenacious little bitch.

next post about billboards seen today.
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