Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not pleased with the chum analogy but when in the midst of travesties and abominations

Having a niggling feeling that this blog wants to break up with me. I can always start another blog, blog.

But as it goes...I'd prefer me and this blog stayed together until we hit the big blog time. So far the comments have dried up terribly. I suspect that my fixation on donut stores has caused this.

Or it  went out of fashion to comment on blogs. I can't see why they used to come by and drop a sweet comment and now they don't. I blame it on twitter. Damn you twitter.

No donuts in any non mini malls in L.A. I am not kidding.

But, what I really want to say after what I found out today:

Allison Sievers of Lavely and Singer is a lying sack of crap, a dreadful dreadful lawyer, and an embarrassement to humankind. Allison Sievers is a slandering and corrupt hog who will be disbarred in the near future. I gurantee it.

 Allison Sievers from a big defamation firm(Governor Arnie  is a client as is Angie Jolie)  so I'd love her to sue me for defamation rather than use the government to do her dirty work. Her profoundly stupid and crazy client Tig Notaro and her are  stalking me and costing this city  a lot of money and causing good people a lot of trouble and some maybe decent people to turn bad(you know who you are bozos!)

But this virulent sow, Sievers, is sloppy and exposure is ON.

Just going over corruptly canceled civil suits and seeing how vile this Seivers is and what she thinks she can get away with.  Filing fraudulent affidavits and declaration is not acceptable, and her slander per se ruins her immunity. Ask yourself why a copyright defamation lawyer is handling the case of the mental case, Tig Notaro, and her fantasy "stalker."  Ask yourself why the TMU has taken it on when if you google them you 'll see that this makes no sense. Two nasty words- Lavely and Singer-- led to their cynical(and WRONG)  hunches and here we are a year later with a fresh judge and a new prosecutor and due process weeping in the corner and money and time turned to chum.

What a mess, you made Sievers and Mathilde. When you think about it and realize that Tig Notaro couldn't get past the 9th grade after 3 tries and Allison Sievers went to law school you start seeing where the major guilt lies. 

Jesus hasn't neccesarrly taken the wheel and today I was grateful for that because I've been too secularly jewish for too long now to become a born again christian. Are they still around?

 So thank you jesus for not taking the wheel.

On the news La Pinata Flintridge and I just can't see myself ever saying I live in La Pinata Flintridge and I am wondering why.

I am talking to the ether, basically, and my super sanity is well aware of much more than the cretinious adversaries would dare suspect.

Damn, I'm so tired of being on the down low and writing these completely esoteric blog entries. But, otherwise my blood pressure gets to be a problem. The more I blog the better my skin too!

hold on, blog. I'll make it up to you.
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