Monday, October 5, 2009

ask yourself why Notaro's myspace has never even been made private and why she had her lawyer get her out of a subpeoana for the prosecution -- any real victim would jump at the chance

Wait till the bozos see the search warrants and how they stack up to the law and how corrupt John Gregozek and Jim Hoffman are. Wait till Tig Notaro finds out that they are now saying in documents and by phone that Notaro insisted on going after me for "stalking" when they admit there was absolutely no evidence to support that kind of a charge. They now contend that she was hell bent on this and they had no choice but to comply with her wishes.

Anyone who was told that any court did this or that or that it confirms any truth please look at this blog.

Also please ask around if Tom Sharpe, Chris Fairbanks or Kjell Bjorgen live with Notaro as of May 28th 2008. According to Sharpe this isn't true at all and his editor at citybeat informed me that he lives in Iowa. I am restrained from them all btw and I'm scared to go to Iowa. Ha.

The witness (M.K) is going to have to testify that I "targeted her and harrassed her" on 7/14/08. Those are Tig Notaro's written words(via email to the prosecutor)she goes on to say that I was all upset that I couldn't get firearms and that I made a disturbing scene that upset and frightened the whole place. My sense(which probably isn't worth shit) is that M. K is not a bad person and she won't lie for Notaro when push comes to shove. Oddly, this talk of firearms and my targeting and harrassing and chilling scene making didn't prompt Notaro or M.K to call the police until Notaro was aware that I'd filed a civil suit against her. The police report is backdated to say that Notaro called 16 days later to report this but the detective told us " You sued her, didn't you?" by way of explaining why he now had to do Lavely and Singer's bidding.
Notaro has won battles( Lavely and Singer vs pro per in a nutshell) but she will lose the war and she will lose very big. She is a sick and stupid false accuser who has done this for reasons that only a P.H.D in psychopathology could deign to understand.

Much more to come on the other blog, courtwatchers.
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