Monday, October 5, 2009

harris wittels you are being watched by someone you think is your friend

Harris Wittels comes home at 130 A.M and goes on my blog spouting more actionable falsehoods. Did I ever meet this little creep? Did this creep ever meet me? No and NO.

He thinks he's a good friend, I'd have to guess-- a good friend to the very bad friend, Tig Notaro. She doesn't care that her lies will cost a lot to the morons who chose to spread the defamation on public message boards and elsewhere. But, Harry Shittels is young and stupid and so far very lucky and he will learn some painful but valuable lessons. Boxenbaum, Myers, Dunnigan, and Willen etc etc etc etc are too old to learn much of anything moralwise so I have no hope for them.
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