Friday, October 30, 2009

Chaz has gotten 6 figures for her memoir- From butch lesbian to breastless person with man made balls

Chastity bono is now a fellow. Breasts chopped off and god knows what attached. Seems like a nice fellow and I bet Cher lookss back at the days when "Chaz" was a lesbian as heaven.

 At the end of the show, Mary Hart put a big fake sushi on her head as some Halloween joke and I was just like does anyone like or love Mary Hart? Does Mary weep? Does Mary even bleed?

Out and about at my old haunts(rite aid, ralphs, bank,cig store) and some new haunts(loooong story) and I see the same people working at all places. I've been in L.A some awfully long time of almost 5 years and today I marveled that these folks have not had any upward mobility since I've been here.   I thought a lousy thought- I would work at the bank for a week and then expect to be the bank president by then or to run all the rite aids in the western worl. And even then I'd be dissatisfied. Especially at the cigarette place-- the kid looks smart- how can he do the same thing day after day?  Then, I noticed that my mother resembles a deposed queen as she sat in that Napolean era chair at that Law office on Sunset Blvd(Loooong Story) and that I have to regain the throne for her very soon.

I'll put up a halloween pic because I need to support pumpkin farmers
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