Saturday, October 31, 2009

Proposition: Instead of Holloween being some inane day of door to door(and possibly very dangerous) candy collecting and annoying costume wearing let's make it a day of uncovering injustice and even evil in America and elsewhere.

Everyone should just buy there kids a big variety pack of candy and spend the rest of the day doing what they can in uncovering the seamy underbelly of ... seamy and scary things.

In any rational Universe, these judges and the Nifongs and the Martin Boag's, and Felise Cohen Kalpakian's, and Jennifer Waxlers and Judge Samantha Jessners, and Villar's, and Freidenthals,and Grimes and Rosenberg, and Karla Kerlins, and whatever freak was in 95 that day and was paid off, and the pathetic state of the Public Defender's office, and the millions(or hopefully less) of faith killing life ruining ghouls--  should be exposed to public inspection on this day. C'mon lets use all that energy for more than dressing up like kate gosselin.
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