Friday, January 15, 2010

Invites need to go out soon

Just read BEK's "every person on the planet" and I'm in love with this Bruce Eric Kaplan guy. The ending isn't the best and is a bit too "positive" considering the rest of the book but I can't complain.

Rosemary and Edmund are me and my family to a T.

If you ever venture upon this blog, Mr. Kaplan, please please more Edmund and Rosemary!

As for my conversation with the googler from Tukwila:

I hope they come back and I hope they ask me questions.  Amidst all the sound and fury there are simple conclusions that can be drawn.

I'm very into analogies, as they say, and I' so I'll utilize those: At the most basic level what Notaro and this malicious prosecution is doing is now the murder to cover up the rape. You see, Tukwila et al, it is easily analogous to see that rather than take responsibility for a rape some will kill the witness or witnesses as a means to cover it all up.

I do not know Tig Notaro. I heard of hear a bit from Willen but I did not know her nor did I ever have a bad thought about her before she did what she did. But, she somehow developed a hatred for me or she's just insane or something because she saw it as somehow acceptable to invent stories and to spread them wildly and she chose lies and stories that would destroy the reputation and potential or a person who had no ill will towards her . She saw it as okay to pretend that I pushed her when I never went or would have gone anywhere near her, and she saw it as acceptable at some point, to tell her agent and others that I was stalking her. At some point, I'd imagine, she realized that maybe just slandering someone can get her into hot water and so she panicked and did things and involved  other people and lied and lied and lied and no reasonable person could understand how and why but there is reasonable deductions that can be made to why she has gotten away with it so far.  She is either very crazy or very evil and when my name is finally cleared the extent of her madness will be revealed.

Why would she lie is the 64k question and there is no good answer but there is a million questions that anyone could ask themselves that will lead to the conclusion that not only is she lying but she is costing taxpayers thousands(maybe millions) with her lies and she ruining lives with her lies. I won't go into comedy or how she's affected that because that will have to wait till my name is cleared.

But I'll leave you with the first 5 questions  out of more than 200- whose answer should lead you to some insight.

1) Does Tig Notaro live with Thom Sharpe, Kjell Bjorgen, and Chris Fairbanks? Has she ever lived with them
2) Did Notaro desperately try to get stalking charges pressed against spitzberg for no reason and did the city attorney reject those on August 22 nd 2008?
3) Was August 29 2007 a night where Tsunami coffee house in silverlake had an open mike starting at 8.  If so, and if Notaro says that the push happened inside this coffee house than why would anyone in that coffee house at that time testify that such a push or even any argument ever occur.
4) Did Alisa Spitzberg ever run into either willen or Notaro in the next 9 months?
5)Isn't it odd that Notaro told her agent that Spitzberg had shown up a lot in these preceding 9 months and stalker her  and yet Notaro in five different statements says she never saw Spitzberg in any capacity these 9 months

I'll leave it here but there is literally more than 200 questions such as these and they all lead to a lesson to those who need lessons: 
Lying is dreadful. Falsely accusing someone is the worst form of lying. The saying, "what a wicked web we weave when we practice to decieve," is correct.  Notaro's wicked web will be shown at trial and if you can afford the airfare you should come see it, my dear reader from Tukwila.
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