Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scott Boxenbaum's beady eyes are often on my blog

The ugly and idiotic Scott Boxenbaum sweatily googles himself all day and comes upon this blog. He and his inexplicably vicious cronies, Harris Wittels, Jazz Ponce, Michael Griffee, Brian Whitaker, Kevin Seccia,Val Myers etc. all must have been assured by psychopath(via her fat and soon to be disbarred lawyer, Allison Sievers) that you are all in the clear. Actually, that is not the case at all. Fresh defamation has been unearthed and the statutes of limitations have been tolled anew. Look it up, freakshows.

I am biding my time and doing all I can to get the best result possible under these awful circustances. Everyone who has behaved like a vicious monster(and that is understatement) during this disgusting case will be held accountable. Tig Notaro has been cut from the movie she would discuss till her nursing home days. Her "manager" (who actually was so stupid that he tried to intimidate the William Morris Agent -who probably dropped her when lelearning how disturbed she was) was promoted in late march from Intern to manager, and the collective agency, shortly after I won at trial(and believe me I won - big- considering the scale of the fight.) was "let go" from the Collective . Hunter Seidman must now try to sell the stale and rotted Notaro from his crappy apartment in Santa Monica.
Jackie Kashian, Jeff Klinger, and Marth Kelly appear to have dreadful Karma. Just a glance at them and you feel secure that they have been cursed, but it will only get worse for them. Stef Willen destroyed her life by trying to destroy mine. The list goes on, sadly. Who could forgot that gruesome foursome of Jennifer anything to be a DA someday Waxler, Felise back fat Cohen Kalpakian, Martin I destroyed my own father Boags, and Katie binge and purge Ford.

You just don't do what was done and go on your merry way. It goes against nature. Keilbasa and co.: same rules apply.
Justice is an elusive thing and I will search for it forever.
I've finally gotten the time and energy to scan in the tremendous amount of documents and I want the Jury of my peers(who I mostly hate but want to forgive) to see what really went on in case 8CA10541 in the Clara Folz Courthouse.
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