Thursday, November 4, 2010

Marty Boags and Mathilde Notaro would make some nasty babies

I had to close down the blog to show some things to non-torfeasors.
but I see that the minute it went back up - the slime slimed right back in. 

I'm pretty sure the worlds most chillingly corrupt and twisted doctors, Dr. Francsico Velarde and Dr. Kaushal Sharma  are reading the blog and I don't want to say "hi"  because they are loathsome beyond belief and saying "hi" sounds friendly . I do wish they knew that soon they did not and and will not get away with their crimes.  Dr. Francisco Velarde and Dr. Kaushal Sharma are maniacs and monsters - the boogie man come to life etc. Their master, Judge Maria Stratton, has earned a place in hell, for sure. I'd bet she never thougth of heaven and hell. According to what she did in the case of the people vs Spitzberg- she has not even the smallest of souls.  Her and Karla  Kerlin take the top prize for shameless collusion and corruption with Jessner and Vanderet trailing, a little bit, behind. What they were willing to do to me and my family - to utterly destroy us in the most brutal ways... never to be undertood .  Perhaps they were lied to enough to dehumanize us and they were too busy to try to know any better.  That benefit of doubt fails because the competency ploy had nothing to do with guilt or innocence and so there just is no excuse. The stench of Gregozek is everpresent and they should hate his guts but instead he's getting rewarded by Lavely and Singer, as we speak.

Marty Boags( A very sick and stupid sociopath with the los angeles city attorney) mistakenly stated that  it was all wrapped up on November 23rd 2009, according to new transcripts of yet another ex parte. That says it all. But, all these vicious and vile tortfeasors must be cognizant that good won over evil on December 1st 2009 , and that the forces of good will always win in this case.

Till then get the hell off my jobs you greasy little satans!
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