Monday, January 6, 2014

Carol Hartsell of the Huffington Post is a nauseating pimpess of Tig Notaro's cancer scams

Carol Hartsell  is part of an well orchestrated cancer scam - she consistently has talked about reading some Kira Hessers's blog before it was even posted, and she has knowingly sought to push a scam on the public. When alerted to her fraud, she changed the timestamp of the offending "article."  Which only strengthened the case against her, and Hesser and Notaro and...

In one of the many many articles Hartsell would write, about this obvious liar- -Notaro would now tell Hartsell she got her mammogram in May. So it took till late July for her to be diagnosed?  Another story has her getting the mammogram right after being hired by Amy Shumer .

Not one part of the story adds up. And, since I have reason to know what a compulsive and conscience free liar is Notaro, and since I clearly despise it/tig , her story is falling to pieces, and it's something to behold.

It Notaro  will get her the Grammy and Kathy Griffin, Craig Ferguson,  and the others will lose to one of the vilest creatures that ever creatured. And, all based on an obese set of lies and press manipulation.

Why too would Ed Helms introduce thing to the audience when she was the MC that night? In a recent article, Claire Black of the Indepenedant says Louis CK "warmly" introduced Notaro that night?  Why would that get mixed up, even if you don't consider that the MC was doing the introducing all night and needed no introduction.
Why did Louis CK go on about a dramatic backstage encounter with Notaro, and yet she denies that ever happened.

Claire Black also tells the uncaring reader that Notaro has been out of commission due to "radiotherapy."

 Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmm. What would the insane Evita Rush have to say about that... Out of commission? Radiotherapy. Oh my oh my does she lie.

Why is the MC of the show needing an intro?

 This wasn't a comedy set but a set up to help poor old tig with her legal bills- incurred due to her malicious lying issues. Now nutso Notaro is even saying her stepfather called her to tell her about her mother's death. Before it was a text. OMG. Ira Glass and Steven Glass-- soul and sir name brothers?
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