Sunday, May 11, 2008

Abbey here. They say that the final straw can break the camel's back. HTML may be my particular straw. With Delmont it was the the confluence, in too short a time, of gadgetry. i won't make another peep. This is his last poem. he expired 2 hours after.

Digital Despair

I saw a young man alone, talking out loud
I wouldn’t have pegged him a member of the crazy crowd
his clothes were clean
His face not traced with that ashpalt tan
that you see on the homeless woman or man
He said to himself – we need to meet and touch base
Meeting his own self to touch base?
how depressing was this modern mental case?
Then he said to no one in sight
I’m gonna fuck that chick from myspace tonight
I fretted and fussed
What god would fill a madman’s mind with such mundane lust

He then said to the air, gotta go bro, too busy for converstating
How pitiful I felt this madman's verbal masturbating

I hoped his troubled mind wouldn’t mistake my pained gaze as a sneer
I saw a flash of metal by his ear
What was it ?
I moved near
I saw fear in the eyes of the youth
as I glared:
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