Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm better now. So, another first- hating superdelegates. Who are these super morons who are picking Obama over Hillary. I can't get over how a completely unviable candidate is going this far due completely to the wretched liberals who will prosper if a penguin is elected president. I really do loathe them on a personal level as I live amogst them. One day I will tell you about the liberals in Baja. That is a story that will summarize the true nature of the overt do gooder. See a face in the crowd and lonesome rhodes as played by Andy Griffith. This is really awful and anyone who votes for obama is worthy of Mr. T saying "I pity the fool." What ever happened to Mr. T? I wonder where he lives and if he recounts his days on the X team or squad or whatever it was , over and over again all the time. Does he leave the house much? He can't get a real job and he can't get a fake job. What does he do with the hours when he is not asleep. Maybe he does voiceovers. i don't know. Does anyone know? I wanna know. The news now says that a woman was beaten for cutting a line at disneyworld. All i can say is that she is very lucky I lost all joy in amusement parks, cause if I was present at the time of her selfish modernday shithead behavior I might have made her my 74th victim. Luck is such a relative concept, doncha think, taters? What does stephanie powers do with her days? Is she a figment of my imagination or does she really exist after Hart to Hart. I see that label open space what should I put there?
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