Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tell me why I don't like Sundays.

Busy Busy Busy till now. It's the fashion. Gotta have a packed schedule .Not being busy is frowned upon and so my calender is awash with events and happenings and brunches and galas and errands and chores and things that keep contemplation to a minimum. Contemplation has been my downfall. When i first took to the blogosphere and outed myself as a serial killer and a soccer mom, I was sure I'd be inundated with comments and questions. I have such stories to tell. Some grisly and profane --some quite enlightening and even inspiring. Alas, the i generation is too busy trying to find out what the monstrous harvey levin has dug up on some tiresome helion on his acronym site. I don't even know what TMZ stands for. Do you? Judge wapner was a bastard and Rusty Burrel was a bastard type so I guess he paid some dues that awful harvey levin man. To have to ask the unabashed riff raff their opinion on on small court cases. remember that? How before he rose to glory with his gossip site, remember how he stood on a new york street somewhere and asked the hardcore hoi polloi there opinion on a court case? some days Seems godless-- too mysterious if he does exist. Stop teasing. Stop with the games, god, and let the world be less confounding. Harvey Levin does that to me.

Harvey levin has a JD, did you know? .Thinking of his frog face gets my bloodlust a brewing. Empires built on Britney's shenanigans. The thought of Perez Hilton having a far more successful blog that me just doesn't sit very well either. So many menaces-so little time to kill.Well, I came here for an express purpose. To show some strangers a picture of a current nuisance and here I've vented and don't plan to edit. My blog offers me such succor at a time like this. spite is my rite and hate is my natural state.

Hubby found a bloody icepick I overlooked, and he seems tense and distant. NO biggie . He's too busy and will forget about it. Memory of a snail. My computer is acting like a little prick today and it is taking me too long to write this uninspiring blog missive whatever. the newest nuisance has tampered with the scales of proper human expectation- invaded my headspace without the slightest provocation.
And, now her foul visage will soon be shown for vindictive vindication. Actions are required for equilibrium here. Equilibrium or librium? I have neither. Busyness has eluded me today. Can't seem to "Get busy." as that catchphrase implored. So, I'm blogging and caring to share my tales of whim and horrible woe. 72 victims to date. I'm a serial killer for gods sake. why is my blog barely read???

I hardly have the wherewithal to say it but.... later, taters.
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