Friday, June 13, 2008

court reporters rock!!

The vast majority of songs are about heartbreak of the romantic variety. Then, you have your thank you songs. One from Natalie Merchant comes to mind, One from Dido. The golden girls theme. I surely am missing many thank you gratititude songs. Then you have your cheer up song niche-- Desiree' and lots of others. You have your, "keep going. life will get better" songs and you have your I have a crush that doesn't mean much songs.

I'm no statistician so my percentenges are not even remotely ballpark but I'd say that 90% of songs are about unsuccesful or confounding romantic situations that are making feel or act either crazy or like a fool. Which reminds me that alanis morrisette has a new album(know this by osmosis, did not seek this info out) called "flavors of entanglement." Is that awful or what? Just sounds terrible to my large and delicate ears. I havent' been that put off by the languauge use for a song or an album since I heard the radio person tell that a lousy song that I'd heard(about 5 months ago) was called "Melancholy diety." Oh how, I ranted silently at the stupidity that I percieved, but alas it wasn't known to anyone I knew and so the rant didn't take off too much.

Back to romantic heartache and my contention that 90% of songs are about unhappy romantic outcomes and the rest are almost all about gratitude, gratitude for being in a happy romance, cheer up it's not so bad, and I'm free on the road blah blah songs. Then you have your odd hybrid songs which I'll think more about soon. I'm a creep by radio head or karma police by radiohead come to mind. Lots of beatles stuff..... I'll get back to this later.

I've finding all of this very interesting and have lots of fine jokes I've created from this observation. I would tell you them but I fear there might be a joke theif on the loose and this joke theif may or may not read my blog. Someone certainly is and I so wish their was software to show who those people are. Now, my train of thought is completely lost and I have no idea why I even am here on this damned blog. I'll put up somemore artwork. Off to santa monica to pick up court transcripts and then to the lawyer. So glad I can be here for the spinsters in their time of need. If you were to telling me a year ago that I'd have an opinion on court reporters(lovely!) I'd thinking I was dreaming. But, as of today, and last week I like my court reporter very much. Not only can he type at a supernatural pace but he is kindly and compassionate and out of a movie. I suggest we have a court reporter appreciation day. What say you you silent... little honeys?

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