Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's really the pits when your constitutional rights are taken from you without reason. That is another piece of knowledge I can do without. You live and you learn and you live and live and learn learn learn. I now am aquainted with the legal system and it is so not pretty.

Sometimes something comes into your world and until you resolve it you just are not .... whole. You've got to seek out emotional chemo to try to make it go away.

It makes me think of the concept of whole foods and then I get tense because I hate that damned store. I was there twice and I was horrifed to see a 3 dollar tomato that was selling for 30 cents at Jons market on Labrea. Does 3 dollars a tomato insure the illusion of wholeness. Is wholeness an illusion? What does a whole food do that it's unwhole counterpart cannot? I didn't even plan to blog and here i am blogging. I started this blog with the intent of shedding some light on the life of a stay at home mom who is also a rabid serial killer who also is a fan of poetry and all art forms. Nevertheless, the world hasn't alighted with those wanting to hear the peircing insights of a SUV driving, cloth bag using murderess. Patience. Aside of the muffin business, I am preparing a huge buffet that will soon be served.... very cold. I'll keep you posted taters.
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