Sunday, August 17, 2008

I just discovered that I got two nice comments and so in honor of those two souls I will blog once again. I still am trying to get a more niche type blog going as I'm aware that blogs without any theme confuse many readers and they click elsewhere.

I'm torn between these topics:

My bid for presidency and my blueprint for a better world.

Court support( my catchy name for the support group business I want to create where people involved in court cases go to share info and comradery.)

My muffin business and its discontents

Delmont Klein's complete works dole out in twice weekly blog increments.

The spinsters sisters and mommy henya weblog and podcast etc.
I've finally figured out how to get sound on my webcam. Yay, as they say.

The small boned spinster sisters novel and short stories doled out in thrice weekly blog installments.

My own takes on everything and nothing.

All about L.A through the eyes of a disgruntled stay at home mom who has left a trail of dead bodies and yet remains unjailed.

My take on the L.A comedy scene as opposed to the other comedy scenes and comedy in general.

My time consuming adventures with the superior and appeals court.

As you can see I have the plate full and now it's just a matter of focusing in one.

The word focus in that previous sentence also makes me want to write a blog on my rare but memorable experiences in the focus group world.

Anyhow, another insteresting month, and my bizzarre and insipid adversaries will soon understand that there lies and injustices will not go unpunished.

I resent that they have sucked away too much of my time and energy but there is now great hope that this chapter will have a pleasant outcome.

It is the smalled boned spinsters birthday today and when she wakes I will do all in my power to love her up and make her forget the inexorable and unforgiving passage of time, as they say. The bigger boned one has finally gotten ahold of some resolve and follow through and I don't doubt that recognition is on its way.

As for me, well, i'm ok. I'm deeply greatful that mommy henya takes up residence on the couch and that she beat incredible odds to do so. The stats vary on it, but she pretty much is in the 3% zone, add that to her 25% of hungarian jews survived the holocaust and who can even imagine how many 5 year olds did. So, I've been trying my best to zero in on that and not let the strange and illogical events that followed consume me.

I've been reading as much as possible and I must recommend one particular author-- Kati Marton. I wish I could link but if you somehow come upon this blog do google her and get her books. She does not need my help-- she wrote over 5 highly acclaimed and brilliant books and she was married to Peter jennings and then to another very famous fella in government, and she is a stone cold fox to boot. she takes particular events and somehow manages to teach you all about the time period in a clear and compelling way. The ones I've read so far are "The great escape- 9 hungarian jews who survived the holocaust to change the world." and "A death in Jerusalem." which chronicles the beginnings of israel and the murder of a feckless swedish aristocrat by Jewish radicals. Fascinating beyond words.

Then, I'm reading all my law books and I find that interesting and then I'm reading 3 books about world war 2. I can't get over how little I know about everything and how amazing it is that a president might get picked by the votes of college kids. They just can't understand what is at stake. What is happening in Russia vs. Georgia is a perfect example and unless you somehow seek or come upon a significant amount of knowledge about communism, fascism,the real desire of some for world domination-- you just couldn't understand that Obama is not qualified to be president at this time. I don't even hate the guy(most of the time) but with reality as it is, he very well might be a disaster for america.

Ok, i'm fed up with this blog shit and I am going to take a nice long walk to raise my serontonin levels. What about you? What are your plans for today, taters.
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