Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Am I on Norah Vincent's newsreader if I do this?

Wow. I forgot about this. This is a tiny bit of the small boned spinster sister's stuff. I have a new template and that seems to have made my traffic spike unconsiderably. I've been out of commission due to a stubbed toe and a headache but I will be back to blog shortly. I see that I've messed up the profile text and my strong stance on how annoyingly old people are treated in this country is getting lost in bad translation.

So, I'll fix that asap and how some oldsters join me in one of my many many campaigns. I officially am prounouncing my intention to soon create the blog that will incite the next cultural revolution. But, firstly I need to lure many dissafected dissallusioned and hopefully brilliant blog readers. I figure 5 thousand hits will be sufficient. Then, the fun will truly begin.
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