Wednesday, September 10, 2008

blah blah blog russell brand is a waterbug of a man

I'm in the process of fixing some things that have gone wrong with the blog. My profile dissapeared and was replaced with the profile of the woman I was doing some freelance webmaster work for. I never did mention to you all that I seldom do some freelance webmastering. I didn't think it was interesting and it isn't.

Hello, Paz. I hope this entry finds you well.

Onwards! I spent the day with the bigger boned spinster sister today and I accompanied her to some open mic and then comedy show. She's more of a writer but she is plagued by this desire to take the stage with it at times. I must say that self proclaimed comedians as a whole( completely excluding the bigger boned scoundrel who is coming to terms that she is simply too smart.) are repugnant. It's not nice to generalize but my oh my they are a motley and boring bunch. Most laymen do not know that and thing it is a bunch of modern day jesters befriend eachother and are having a fun and creative life. Unfortunately, that's not the case. It's a disturbing discovery that the vast majority of these self proffessed, "comics." have no natural humor or charm. In New York and austin they weren't too attractive but they were much more alive and "present." in Los Angeles they are downright alarmingly unnapealing. Real Scrubs( very dated TLC reference) The bigger boned sister recently has experienced two moronic lady comics who have trespassed against her in ways that just don't make sense. One of them, Mathilde(tig) notaro is completely stupid and completely ugly -- mediocrity would be a flattering term to describe her.
All things being relative, she is better than most comedians. That is like saying that a 5 foot man is taller than a pygmie. Nevertheless, she rehashes 4 or so jokes over and over and over again and seems like a real bully. Her manner is crass and she has no discernible charm. I would never have anything to do with someone so boring and base but she doesn't seem to have any sence of common decency or humanity and she's made me somehow have to fight for my stolen rights
Her accomplice is deserving of profound and very justified vengeance and that too will happen in due time.

Well, that's for the courts now. I didn't plan on talking about those useless clowns. I wanted to talk about the comedy scene in L.A and how many homely men are involved and I wanted to share about 5 kickass revelations that I've had about big things.

Now that I know you don't need much experience, i really want to run for president in 2012. I've never had a goal that I followed through with but this might be the one. Much can be done in 4 years. I certainly can become a community organizer if I put my mind to it.

Oh yes. Russel Brand on the MTV awards! I'm too tired to be creative with my disgust so... what a douche. What an unfunny fuck.

English people, in general, have been getting on my nerves for quite some time. I avoid british pubs so it's not a daily concern, but I just find them such a snotty jealous bunch and if they do not like American they certainly should not live here. Common sense. Piss off ya yank obsessed gits.

I was repulsed by the Dixie Chicks for their cowardly betrayal of their country and now I'm beyond repulsed by this humorless prick, Russell Brand, coming here and being lame, unoriginal, and making me want to revive my past life as a serial killer. I'd never heard of him before and I hope he is forced to slither away very very soon.

Keen viewers can see that I've not focused on my serial killing in the last few blog entries: I've just been too busy. My wealthy fatous husband has turned on me and is being very stingy. I've had to seek freelance web work, as mentioned. I've been working with some hirsute heifer named Tarra Sloven. She's some lesbian who lives for lesbianism. Her preference for a certain genital is her identity. Yuck. She castigated me via e-mail when I told her I couldn't understand macrobiotics much less probiotics. I bet she smells of expired tofu and overly earnest sex.

Gee, I hope she never reads this.

Ok, Blog, it's bedtime for me. Since I've been so filled with a strange soup of malevolence and benevolence, I'll take a moment to mourn a world where grown men and women, tonight and maybe tomorrow, can't access a matress when exhaustion hits.

I'll rant about Obama's pig remark when I awake. I also have some sarah palin info that is not widely known.
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