Tuesday, September 2, 2008

brad hill might be reading me on his chicklet

My mother saw me reading "blogging for dummies." and said, "you are not a dummy."
Ah,mothers. She could never understand that all along there was a link button and that I was mistaken about having to learn some html business to link. That is one uninuitive button that link button. It looks lilke a small green circle with a spider on it and I just never would have figured it out with out the help of Brad Hill's Blogging for dummies. Brad Hill says that if you link to someone they always find out and so I will now link to him.


He has a chapter on all sort of etiquette and stuff that you should, I guess, pay attention to. I can't help but feel that if everyone just threw down their computer chairs and used up the enery spent on message boards or blogs or social networking whosamagigs we could conquer most of the world's ills. I'm certain that obesity would take a hit if so much sitting wasn't taking place.

Now,the words atom and syndication and chicklet and the letters xml and rss is slinking into our universes already stuffy headspace. And still, Geraldo Rivera is around. What can we do to take care of that issue? My mother said that he was here when she got to America some 48 years ago and he must be 80 years old. We all agreed that he must be 80 years old by now and is very agile and active for his age. I could link to a video of him running about, imploring his camaraman, to snap his "breaking news." But, that would be too obvious an attempt to gain traffic through linkage and Mr. Brad Hill has taught me better.

Brad Hill says that you must link if you are using anyones thoughts or beleifs and to my knowledge I haven't. So, my not linking till now has been above board. I got rid of the picture of the dreg and now my blog is certified kosher and ready for its closeup.

And therefore I am just rambling and sabotaging it with this jabber.

When I get my bearings I want to share with you my theory on why the artist, "suffers." I've never read this theory before. It is very possible that it is out there somewhere but I never heard it. I also have some amendments to the Bible etc. Soon. Soon.

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