Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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The image is a flyer from a show I did with a friend in Austin. Oddly enough the brother of Zach Galifanakis read a story and Brendon Walsh performed. Now, I see that two of them or more are connected to the vile thing that stole my constitutional rights. Well, one his her myspace friend and I talk about that down below. Subpeona is now my new favorite word.

Well, the minute I saw Sarah Palin I said to my sister that she looks like Tina fey and then I blogged about how Tina fey will either come on the show or come back on the show to play her and it won't be funny. Well, my sister tells me just now that that is so and so I've made a public prediction that came true. Yay.

I say that tina fey will either come on snl or be on snl because I simply don't know if she is still on that show. I haven't watched one minute of it in about 10 years. It's like some bad breakup and though I was committed to it for many many years the minute it was over it was over. I saw about three episodes with jimmy fallon and tina fey at the newsdesk and that was that. Jimmy fallon seems to have stepped away or been pushed away from the radar and for that I am grateful. I met tina fey before she was famous and she seemed nice and had a pleasant vibe so I don't hate her in anyway but I've never found her to be truly funny and I can't help but blame her for my breakup with snl.

Funniness and humor are a blog unto themselves. What shall I link? I must be circumpspect with my linkage. I just finished the chapter on blogging behaviors and there are so many no nos. Yawn. I have no interested in riding all roughshod on any blogger's toes, but it's very tedious to think about those who you do not know getting offended. There are these prickly characters out there who just get ticked off at the slightest breach of some supposed decorum. I no longer flinch when I'm flamed but still...

This blog business has really unearthed the exhibitionism and or voyeurism in the gerneral public that heretefore was not as known. Reality tv hinted at it but this blog phenomena really goes to show that we are species that wants to reach out and that no man is an island etc. In theory, this is a nice thing. In practice, all this self promotion and overdone networking shit is making me want to start a commune of luddites. I say let's go back to the rotary phone! It was better then. But, communes are always destined to flop because luddites like anyone eles don't get along for long. A commune of goodlooking fogey luddites with the gift of gab?


I must be past the age but I can't see any joy in myspace or facebook or twitter or even blogs. I like info and I love researching and learning new things, but I have no real desire to show off pics to strangers or to pretend I have over 100 friends while knowing that most are barely aquaintances and that when I meet flesh and bloods, they don't seem too feel much differently.

I think the idea of the blog as an egalitarian tool to get one's message out to the masses without having to hire a webmaster is excellent. What I don't like is that, like all good things, it tends to change for the worse rather than the better. All these overwhelming inventions by faceless nameless geeks and day by day the internet progresses while the world seems to rot. Laptops and coffee and no conversation at coffee buzz, and lousy movies, and books bending towards obsolescence, and advertising creeping into every stinking crevice of our lives. And to those who say I can turn it off: I cannot turn off a billboard or a bus that's side reminds me that Will Ferrel is a huge star. And, I can't afford the luxury of Tivo and if I did it would take me from 6-9 months to figure it out. Is there really such a demand for free credit reports? What is up with that? How rich is that young lad who sings the too catchy " free credit report dot com." What's his story?

The cost of doing la comedia all over N.Y and Austin and L.A is that I recognize plenty of people in the commercials. Luckily, none I have any problem with, but imagine if you are the ex of the credit report dot com kid and you get attacked by that 98 times a day( if you are doing your darnest to avoid it) 234 times a day if you are not quick with the remote.

Just hearing on the news that Google is apolitical but that it has many liberal users. WTF?

All this bullshit is making me batshit crazy.

Batshit crazy?? Is the shit of the bat laced with some special kind of crazy?

well, now that I think I'm on some feed there's my rant of the day. I have over 4,000 ready to go so don't fear any burnout, my friends.

I just heard from the sweetest of couch yams that clooney said something controversial. I'll wait to hear and then let my blood simmer down before I go off on this George clooney.
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