Thursday, September 11, 2008

David Remnick, New Yorker, Fresh gimmick, Pigs without lipstick etc.

The new Yorker really is awe inspiring. Though, this piece by david remnick is very well written but embarrassingly partisan.
I find it hard to believe that he's that critically challenged. Is it latent misogyny that is making all these intellectuals lose their thinking caps. They always talked about how women make men dumb( when their attracted etc.) but I'm starting to see that the opposite holds true-- the fear of woman is also making them dumb.

Still, last weeks New Yorker really gave me succor. But, it also gave me good old pause-- With all these great minds out there I can’t help feel very frustrated that Graydon Carter can only come up with Vanity fair and not at least use some of the profits to launch another spy magazine. Can't anyone in that vast Conde Nast empire put together another SPY.

I may be projecting my own desires but I’d think that there would be a huge hunger for satire or social commentary. Widgets and yogurt crazes, and cookie stores for dogs. Unending and unrelenting fodder is what I say.

But, till I discuss that I’ll give my two cents on the most topical. That’s my new gimmick to get the utmost traffic—I’ll comment on the newest news first.
I haven’t turned on the tube yet so I’m still stuck on Obama’s gaffe. Gaffe and vetted. I wish I bought stock in those words. Those , and the in vogue clichés, of “throwing the kitchen sink, and “throwing under the bus.”

Buying stock in words? Good idea? Possible? Give me a shout out.

So back to the most topical 24 hour news cycle tid bit:

Obama made a huge mistake with that lipstick on pig remark. I saw one of his people on fox news saying the same thing two days before he did and I couldn’t believe my own ears. I’ll try to get you his name when I get the chance to google at lenghth. Bob becker something—fat guy who looks like he hates women…

I was sure that Rev. Wright would sink Obama. I was sure that his comment on the bitter small towners clinging to their guns would finally let Hillary run against Mccain. I was wrong both times, so though it’s a big mistake it probably won’t even hurt him. I don’t know why but Obama can not only throw his grandmother under the bus but I bet they could even find out that he’s killer her and he’s still do well in those Rasmussen polls.

Either he was really calling Palin a pig or he is completely tone deaf. And now my last cliché of this particular post—I hope he crashes and burns!
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