Thursday, September 4, 2008

Obama Palin next to Sarah

It appears that Mccain made the right choice. The whole "change" thing that the Oprafied were so swayed by seems to have found voice in the Mcain/Palin ticket. That's my take. I can't grasp how anyone could get so off on Obama. The man voted "present" to almost everything. What else is there to say. Mccain has been a part or leader in partisan and non partisan legislation. Ms. Palin has shown guts and is a governor. Now, if Mccain dies while president and let's say he dies after even one year, she can say that she was a vice president for 1 year. That is still a huge amount of more experience than Obama.

What has Obama done? Seriously. I understand if people say that they want to preserve abortion rights or that they want gay marriage or whatever it is. But, to suggest that Obama is a ready and able leader is ridiculous. Then again, most self professed "progressives." Are too busy having "lifestyles." and making an effort to show how politically correct they are to read anything unbiased about all of this. 10 years ago I would have been strictly and blindly for the democrats. But, it isn't ten years ago. I feel that the obamaheads are no different than the Claymates at this point and I don't want an American Idol for president. I've noticed that freepers and repugs are what they are calling anyone who disagrees with democrats. So, I am creating by own name for democrats who behave obnoxiously-- demo-cretins. Not bad. It's yours, world. Just link back once in a while.

I just got an e-mail from CVS and it said i got a nice free gift. I was hopeful. It appears that if I hurry I can claim a free box of cotton swabs. Dissapointing.

Much more to type about and much more to paste here when the coast is clear. Off I go to clear the coast.

I've always wanted to write bad copy so the title of this entry is what that's about.
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