Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh have I abandoned my blog. I totally forgot I even had a blog till about 5 minutes ago and to my mildly pleased surprise it's still here and it still is bloggish and sluggish. Frankly, I don't like blogs or blogging and resent that I am compelled by mysterious forces to blog once more.

I have just too many things going on to justify any writing other than trying to either write epic poetry or grand tragedy or the absurdist comedy or our century-- which would only entail a barely nine year span.

In short: I'm at war for some reason with really bad people, and I/we am winning... finally. So much to say about patience and hard work and truth and facts and faith and sticks and stones. I'm glad to have survived.
so much to say about certian concepts and how so much that I heard about and knew about somewhat have now become full fledged knowledge. Today I really had such a strong conviction that not only do the majority live lives of quiet desperation but that there are many forces that insist it stays that way. To demand dignity or "humanity" for your fellow man can be regarded as "entitlement" by some broken down characters and it's sad that so many think there role is to be unentitled to so much that they deserve.

It seems like abondoned blogs are everywhere and so I'll try to rescue this baby from extinction.

Ah, ok. I'll do an impromptu piece of doggerel.

Remember how i wrote
the day will come they'll come that day
well it's here in ever way

Truth will set me and us free
but it wasn't clear
for long
that this would be
so though i know
you'll never see
I ask you to
listen to me:

icy patches form
on mountaintops
where climates
are warm

you gon't have to go all the way up
to know
that up there or everywhere
is hardly

cold climbs
lukewarm ryhmes
lets stick
to destinations less sublime

If you think you know
where with this I'll go
I'd say don't yet place a bet
see, I want to talk about the alphabet.

it seems to me
That in between a to b
There’s a lot of poetry

Or maybe not all can see
That in between one to two
There could very well be
much ado

I won’t even get
One to three

There’s a point
I guarantee
And I won’t be a bore
And talk about what
Might exist between three and four

Either or
I see now dots that formed
Whether by choice or destiny
That led me to you and you to me

Or was it random formless happenstance
Allowed my history
To name it a romance

So much regular come and go
Words exchanged
that end in NO
I don’t know
And can’t be sure
Yes is nice
But I know
Feels less secure

But to get from a to b
Why not ask why
And be a slave to curiosity
Is anyone free
To ignore
How one goes from one to four
I’ll stop with numbers here
As they are infitisemal
And time won’t
Won’t let
Handle anything
but the alphabet.

Doing so makes me fear
That I’ll miss the point
In between
That will come to bare
On what exactly I or we are
Doing here

So I’ll stop before I get to five
The alphabet -26 letters
A to Z

People say do the math
Not to do the alphabet
Well, at least this hasn’t been said
But anyone I’ve met

But, I haven’t met
Everyone yet
So there is always a chance
So back to doing the math
Before I incur any
"Stick to the point!" wrath
It is clear from that advice
That if one doesn’t do the math
The first time
They’ll have to do it twice.
Or more, for sure ,if you still
can't get ahold of facts that
say that 2 and 1 just don't add up
to four

This could go on infinitely.

Sticking to the point
To avoid your wrath
Has maybe made me miss
My chance
At even more math.
So I’ll keep to my plan
to stick with the alphabet
Or to the end
we’ll never get.

Where were we
Up to B or was it C
I can't fathom
getting to Z

We'll see.
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