Saturday, May 9, 2009

KFC coupon for a comment

18 days and less than a thousand hits to go. I anticipate this goal will be met. Sadly though my new title for this blog "Oprah pick(s) her nose" has not inspired a worldwide rebellion against Oprah and she still is doing very well. The only thing that can cheer me(us???) up is that this coupon pandemonium could have something to do with the economy and those people are hungry and poor. I choose to believe that and won't seek out information that will disabuse me of this.

In other news, Obama was hilarious at the Correspondents dinner and Wanda Sykes might be the first comedian who has to follow such a funny President and have to suffer by comparison. I find Wanda very funny and yet he was even funnier. So, I'm over my Obama skepticism and even dislike, and now think he is a funny hottie who probably secretly finds Oprah to be awful. I also have come to think Michelle is great and that she too keeps on the down low her low esteem for Oprah and all things Oprah. Nothing wrong with changing one's mind.

There was an Australian man on this sort of tv commercial, and he was saying that he apologizes that they have run out of coupons and I just could not and will probably never understand why an Australian Man was sent to placate the masses about this coupon bonanza/fiasco. Conspiracy theories grow in me. What do ya'll think? Why was an Australian man(actor? company representative?) given this strange task?
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