Thursday, May 7, 2009

All my work is copyrighted and I will SUE

My goal to reach 5000 hits in 17 days seems doable but my goal to be at the forefront of the next and best revolution is not looking promising.

Hindsight is needed but without that I'll just guess that I never did get around to uploading my manifesto and so any large scale revolution was doomed to failure.

In looking at reasons for all things it isn't always easy to pinpoint what went wrong so trying ones best becomes the only real recourse.

Then again, the idea that one is trying ones best, is also ambiguous, open to interpretation, and ultimately unsatisfying so...

Allison is gone from American Idol. That's concrete. I thought she was a great girl with a voice that was impressive but not distinctive. Bully for her but I've heard that kind of voice before And, she's 16 for gods sake and I think it's time to ony let the older broken down losing hope rapidly bunch apply.

My next post will deal with my idea for a great reality show and it will be coyprighted so no one better steal it!
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