Tuesday, May 5, 2009

James Frey and Oprah please please please

Hits galore. Got to keep blogging. Oprah james frey thing giving me hope. I desperately want Oprah to just go away and if she had a huge fall from grace I would be very pleased. Oprah is the most undeserving diety ever, in my opinion. I see her as this souless void that grows carbunkles --like Rachel Ray and Dr. Phil and society is SUFFERING.

For a reason that I'll forever find unfathomable, the vast majority of Americans have anointed Poprah Windbag as some life giving Higher power and I am licking my chops at the thought that this James Frey thing might bear fruit and Oprah will fall away and be forgotten. But, with Oprah, this never happens. Kids get raped in her schools and she misbehavees in Paris and some other non scandal happens and Oprah stands firm and Rachel Ray persists and persists....What an unworthy empire.

Dom Deluise is no longer with us. I saw him in person 17 years ago and he looked ailing back then and I honestly thought he's been dead for some time. But, apparently he was alive till today. Loved him in the Mel Brooks movies and he is one of those people that is so alive that it's really freaky when they die.

Thoee are my miserable 3 cents.
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