Friday, May 8, 2009

Joe the Plumber

Because of that monstrous article on oprah and kfc I just found out that joe the plumber said that he wouldn't allow "queers around his children." and then the article went on to say that Elizabeth Hasselback has disowned him.

What a self destructive idiot is this Joe the Plumber. Gets so lucky for doing nothing but being lucky and messes it up like that. Joe the plumber you are NO LONGER my ROLE model and my kids have ZERO interest in being with you. Why would they want to be with you , JOE the PLumber????

Meghan Kelly from Fox News is showing a ridiculous amount of cleavage again, and it is apalling. I am starting a petition to save the woman anchors of Fox news from having to show so much skin. It really is very disturbing and Meghan Kelly deserves better.

I am off to draft a petition.
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