Thursday, May 28, 2009

Korey is a darling and missus miss misses her.

Hello blog,

I've been kept away from you for reasons that will be soon revealed. I really don't even have the time for you now as deadlines near, but I had to come on and chat with you about the "Exodus from Facebook." Story I just saw. Hi-larious. Tragic? Both?


It's amazing that even when on the internet there is a lemming sheeple disaster like this. Now, MySpace is giggling wickedly and Twitter is feeling insecure(if it has any brains.) and Reddit is hopeful etc.

Saw some new Susan Boyle today and she fills me up that one. I just get a mood lift from that woman and she appears to have a very odd and amusing sense of humor. Then, iI see this article how she did some gross thing and made a fool of herself and I don''t believe it at all. I read it and it is bullshit and you so sad how her sucesss seems to upset some nuts and they want to tear her down. The article makes her into some fool having fits over Pierce Morgan and like Lucy Gordon's suicide, I don't believe it for a second.

Do not beleive a lot of the ugly things you hear, in general. That's a good lesson to learn. I had the misfortune of meeting two very bad people who spread their disease around to more and more bad people and suddenly a person who never so much as chased anyone is turned into the "town weird" and a "stalker," and her whole life is stalled until she can clear her name. That story will be told sooner than later because the legal system is just way too slow.
All the names of the evil adults who are way too old to act like wicked children will be revealed. Turns out that one of them has more assets that I'd ever dreamt possible, and that in legal terms is very good.

I've been been to discuss socipathy for awhile and I will. But, for now know that Tig Notaro and Stef Willen are liars and false accusers. They have sinned in ways that I couldn't conceive possible. They have done things that the vast majority would not understand or accept and my jury is going to see that. They are lucky and they seem to think that they have succeeded in just bullying me out of town. But, they are just so wrong. They don't understand that if their lies and false labels were true that might work but since it's a foul and sinister lie the same rules cannot apply. Gotta run, Blog. See you soon, blog. Be careful, blog.

My jury?

My 12 little honeys that are everything to me now.
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