Sunday, May 31, 2009

blog is golb spelled backwards

I figure I can only really get my blog on at this ungodly hour because god makes me too self conscious to blog. Or it it because whatever responsibilities I may have can always be put off till dawn. Or it it that some days seem to demand a blog and some just a tweet or two? I don't know. Do you?

Well, as far as i can tell Oprah, is still not ensnared in any meaningful controversy. But, ever since the Gosselings I've had to face the fact that much has seriously been escaping me and Oprah might very well be embroiled in a p.r disaster and I've just missed it

. Only three days ago, I came to understand from something on the TV who this Jon and Kate Gosseling family might be. I would go to the supermarket and there they were on cover of about three magazines. And, I asked my sister and mother and they too had no idea. And, we just didn't make any effort to find out. About a week ago my mother said, "They have eight kids and they are on some show." And, this was better than no information but only three days ago did I learn that these fueding gosselings were on a "runaway hit show that's been on for five seasons." And, what was I doing as this runaway show was a smash hit for 5 seasons??? Missing out on it, failing osmosis, apparently.

Which brings me to how I'm getting old or am officially old or something else entirely, maybe. I've always just picked up on stuff and I certainly never ascribed it to something worthy of pride-- this pop culture trivia effluvia awareness thing. I wasn't impressed with this characteristic of mine and felt pangs of futility when I'd somehow know the minutest details of Danny Bonaduce's journey.
I never even considered going on one of these game shows that might reward such knowledge because as I said, I wasn't too proud of knowing so much about so little. And, maybe because I don't need to lose at something so publically. And, I don't mean I'd lose because I didn't know enough but I'd lose because some miserable spinning wheel of some kind would be present on such a program and I'd spin the bankrupt at the worst possible moment.

But this is not about luck or the absence of it but about something else... I guess.

When I heard the anchorman talk about how the Gosselings were famous for 5 Seasons and how the mother was another messed up Octomom I felt a sense of loss and confusion. 5 seasons, I now understand, of this show have passed and day after day at the Supermarket I simply stared at these two(Is it Jon and kate?) and figured I'd have to google them sooner or later.

Well, that strikes me as mildly interesting at this ungodly hour and so I'll post it up there. But, I want to write about different stuff and this will clash with it so I'm going to post it seperately.
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