Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Twop danny gokey disagreement

drips and drabs to the old blog and my modest goal of reaching 5000 hits by my very special birthday is possible but not probable. I will continue to blog my head off and share the sort of innermost thoughts that don't get me into much trouble.

How are you feeling today world wide web? I understand that the world has many time zones and so many should but up and at em at this hour. I shouldn't be up at at me but circadians are crazy things.

Much to tell the world wide web today. My American Idol review most urgently:

Was it my mood or was that really boring. I'm not feelig Adam Lambert again and none of this batch of kids hits my soul spot like Fantasia did or even Melinda Doolitle or even Jason Castro. I grudgingly watch it but it's not much fun this year for this little gal. So, now I've tired of all my reality shows and so I don't think I'll be watching more than an hour of non news related tv anymore.

Up to here with Tyra and those half homely models. But, that Tyra and those dreadful fashion people Jay and Jay and other assorted fashion sorts and just marvel that it is still on and that Tyra is living large. I rarely loathe people on TV or even in real life but that's for the next post, but Tyra is one of those very select few.

There is some tenous but obvious connectin between her and Oprah I'm not aware of a direct link but one senses that without Oprah there could be no Tyra and so I'll blame it all on Oprah and stay true to my blog name.

Then, I promised myself that I would not see any Rock of Love 4 and that my saturation with Bret Micheals must be established etc. I must not watch it and fear I might. Man oh man, was last season a stinker or what? It went from heavenly(first season) to a pleasant purgatory(Amber??) and then a deevolution into some godforsaken bus and an array of skeeves and skanks that made Bret Michaels look like a prince by comparison and so that felt very wrong-- feeling that Bret coul "do better." For the record: I don't know what the hell the TwoP cabal is talking about when they ooh and ahhh over Big John. Big John, to me, is one of those awful security types who takes their ridiculous jobs seriously and just as I find it impossible to see how the gang at TWOP have managed to so consistently Lurve Big John I can't see how they have managed to hate Danny Gokey. I shall quote randy jackson here and tell TWOp,"I'm not feeling it, dog."

Hmmm. Then, I long ago gave up on Survivor and can't get over that it is stiil on and that these constestests are now suffering like that without even the slightest chance of losing their obscurity(See Hasselback, Elizabeth, Susan Hawk, Richard even jeri etc) For the love of the game? For the love of Jeff Probst? To see how they look really thin?
all is possible. I hit publish post now with mouse click.
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