Thursday, June 25, 2009

As my mother said verbatim with missing h etc.

"Michael Jackson just stole Farrah's tunder."

I couldn't say it better. What a show steal??? Tsk. Tsk.
I had settled in for 2-3 days of non stop Farrah coverage and I take a nap and am told this news. Now, I wait our country waits for the coroner and we sometimes wonder what is going on in Iran and how many need to die before we need to pay even more attention.

And, since i seem to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this time and since I've already publicly posted such uncoolness I want to further express my distaste for this phony "friend"

Her behavior is just so par for the course for California. That's got to be it. I'm dealing with something that I'm not really used to. This, "therapyspeak."
With her I thought it was tempered by some sense of the absurd but in the end I kind of knew it and knew if she pulled what I suspected she'd pull she'd never be contacted again. I'm writing this out of my activism- I really need to try to put an end to psychobabble. It's one of the 32 missions I currently am "called" to do. Hard to find time to blog.... wouldn't you say.

Anyway, not such a long story short-- she always writes warm lively letters and then out of the blue just dissapears. I recently dropped her just my blog link in a mass e-mail when I was under the influence of Minnetonka tea and full of "Why the hell" notness. I won't go inot more detail but to say that she pulled the " Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes" But she didn't in this bogus psychobabble way inimic to her region - Is inimic a word? It feels like one today.

Anyway again, I'm anxious to hear if she gets this job that we've been talking about. Days go by and I write and she says, "Right after my coffee..." Well,after that the only way I'd ever think she was worth anything again is if the coffee was so dangerous or even deathly that a week passing without a peep made sense understandingwise. So, I had two choices. Ignore or address. I always feel that even if the slightest relationship existed than adressing is the more humanistic and corageous way. I can see IGNORING in cases only where the person is an obsessed nut who have nothing to say to or visa versa and it is obvious that any encouragement or contact will do no good. But, ignoring someone who is even an aquaintance is impossible for me and I strongly believe that the more pink or whatever color Elephants you point out, the better your life will be. So, admittedly, I am angry and fed up with just such wierd phoniness that I hadn't had in NY and with someone who very recently declared great and warm sentiments towards me. So I write her-- and all that I know leads me to suspect... so I brace myself... because chances are not good that I'll get the response I think is RIGHT under the circumstances- Which is nothing more or less than not wanting some defensive blame shifting. Because, I am not writing out of the need to place blame and blame is not what it's about. But, of course, there it is-- the email- and in essece this is it's character: Yeah, I was late for our appointment by 9 hours but it's really your impatience and your neediness that causes you to feel mad at times like that.
Nope. Dead to me till you grow a soul and stop co-opting other's bullshit speak. Onwards.

There's this pleasure that mixes in with the pain at times like that-- I'm too distracted by the offline world to come up with any great analogy so I'll just go with the tree losing it's withered branch or the bird losing its fucked up feather.

This "tale" can branch off into many tangents and I'm a little pissed that I have to feel that this post is too lenghthy because of some brevity epidemic and the twitteration of mankind. The next social networking site will be called "Hey yo," and they'll only allow like 12 characters and this will somehow catch on with the increasing non literate masses and at the bitter end the most popular social netfuckshitworking site will be called "hi" and 7 characters will be all craze. Feeling the length of my post and the weight of my homeless tangents and wanting to post my yogi berra type saying that i myself came up with in the shower:

If I had to do it all again. I'd do it all again.

And then, my paraphrase idea of Ancient thinkers for the modern era
The unexamined life may not be worth living, but the examined one causes issues

That's a paraphrase of Socrates btw, and his examined life ended pretty tragically but then isn't every end tragic??? I just answered my own question and the answer is NO, because the image of Ed Mcmahon just popped in my head. Must go but when i return I plan to give some respect to the tangents that are now gnawing at me as they grow and discuss other epic matters with my completely unknown readership.

bye now. Sorry farrah, i had no idea what this michael jackson was planning and so I'll leave up that godawful "poem" and have you know that I haven't written one for him. If you weren't dead I'd say... hey, don't ignore me I'm not a stalker. Because, hey, that might be the most unfitting moniker and some mucus face just won't get away with using against me.
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