Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 detectives from elite unit wasting your money driving to orange california ha ha ha

Good to be pro per, as per.

Man oh man prosecutors are a shleppy and godless breed. And, I'm going to start making my first attempts at getting the press to cover my trial because it is going to be a doozy and barring me becoming brain damaged I am going to kick some some hapless godless ass. I see a 0 percent chance of losing and those are some encouraging numbers.

The judge, Who is Anthony Villagrossa's sister, is making rulings that could only be made for polically traif(unkosher in yidish) reasons and so she'll be recused and since I can show bias I won't have to use my 170.6.

I do kind of love the law though it is a bitch and bastard of a "practice," but it's got some appeal to dialectical thinkers.

I can't wait to start by juris imprudence 101 blog next week. It's going to be the blog to end all legal blogs and I hope to educated many people about the realities of this system and so I'll advertise and promote etc.

Till then, don't leave the house because Tig(that's a nickname she gave herself?!) Notaro is still on the loose and she is very unhinged and if you are pretty or funny she gets real real irrational. She has munchausen by proxy as well and that can cause concerns for those that cross her path.

whatta year and I look forward to an untainted judge garnishing the wages of many for years to come. Gregozek might have to kill us because his job is over once it gets out what he did and the same for many others. They are driving to Orange California to get... exculpatory evidence. Foiled again, bozos. Who are you Patricia Brummer, Frederick Brummer and Frederick Jr. and why are the cops do all they can to find you and any information you might have to nail an innocent person? Amazingly amazing that those bozos just keep messing up and now with all the cop corruption news my jury will literally vomit in the galley.
My fearlessness has only increased with time and I credit a macho mother, a desire to be as uncowardy as possible, and a fatalism that enables me and my family to envision the worse case scenario and realize we can handle it. The worst case scenario is I guess to take my mother or sister to guantanamo bay (waterboard them or take out the fingernails and this is not even so farfetched as we'd like to believe, cyberworld.)or to try to jail me-- but I'll just quit smoking there, get to read lots, excercise, and make lots of new friends. I'm freakishly personable and the last time I was wrongfully in jail(dismissed with apology from cop) I and sis were embraced by fellow jailbirds. "Aren't they adorable" they cooed from the holding cell. We were contstantly offered inmate's desserts etc. And the bailiffs who are a rough bunch took to us as well. There were a few bad apples, of course, but all in all I don't even regret such an experience especially now that it enabled me to not fear the unknown.

Ok, Blog I planned on writing something entirely different but this came out instead. It's all going to be some minor record of the very nutty 2009 and each time I push publish post I feel as if I'm at least "reaching out." Who knows. Maybe one day something good will come out of all of this.

strutting pro perrer
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