Monday, July 6, 2009

Here's my card, this Michael Jackson thing is too disgusting for words.

As per my last post I had an interesting conversation with Bill from the cigarette store. He out of nowhere start telling me how for about a year he has some one coming in-- "a korean, or chinese girl very clean cut and nice." So after all this time Bill says to her in the coarse of conversation, " So, what do you do for a living? " That is not your business, you should mind your own business." This korean chinese(maybe japanese?) says in response.

So Bill is really pissed off and she says "I'm sorry I got in your face.. I'm a call girl" but ... Bill isn't hearing it. Bill is Lebanese and a lovely real guy type of guy and He is disgusted and she says, " Take my number, please," And Bill says " I don't pay for sex.I believe it because I believe Bill. I have his back is a very aquaintance sort of way. Anyway, I started to tell him that maybe she walks around with this load and she snapped... "I'm a call girl. I'm a call girl..."
But, Bill is tougher than me and tells me, " I hope she never comes to the store. She ruined my day. She just ruined my day."

And, I started to tell him that that kind of thing just messes with your head-- how people act so alien at times and it makes you think we all don't remotely speak the same language and our faith that we all do is just blind faith. But that ended as soon as it started because there was another customer and I had someone waiting in the car and I don't like to talk to strangers as much as I used to because of some evil people.

The sense that humanity is not an entity and that everyone we talk to might very well be a freak with no similar qualities or thoughts is very distressing and that is why Bill was very stressed.
Which brings me to this post and this Micheal Jackson press coverage fiasco. It is really vile and I officially hand in my human card and declare myself an alien. My mother actually cried today because she saw some kid who paid 2 grand for the tickets and ... then came all the way from Barcelona. She started crying and I couldn't believe it and she says, " This world is just too stupid. This boy all the way. All these stupid lost souls."

This is a first. My mother is easily moved by sad stories and poetic thoughts but never has this grand dame wept at the sheer idiocy she is witnessing on CNN. She's not a depressive, thank god, so she'll be ok.

I fear this country has just gone into some huge toilet and if Michael Jackson just knew that many morons were out there and supposedly loving him -- he'd flush the diprivan etc.

What a crock of crapshit. The Iranian Revolution is I'm geussing-- quelled.
I am being prosecuted because I happened to have met a sub par maniac and maybe made her feel too supbar, and she knows some evil sack of crap who lost her mind and ruined her life in the long run, and they will be sued and prosecuted till the end of time. Why would they want that and why would they think they could get away with such evil? Did this gross thing, Tig Notaro, think she could just steamroll us and get away with it? Does she think because she was set to be on a hastily cancelled sitcom that gave her carte blanche to do things that I couldn't imagine doing to the worst enemy possible. Lying to police, then to a judge, then to prosecutors,, spreading such lies about a stranger? Screwing up so much and wasting so much of this city's money, my money and then her money and those of her "friends".

I plan to do something big soon to expose a truly sickening justice system. I am drunk with the possibilities of the change I can bring. As a smart and rightfully raged victim (and observer) I most likely will be fighting this(corruption) till I go the way of Karl Malden.

California is broke and they are letting some grotesque with a bovine lawyer(Alison Sievers from the very shady law firm, Lavely and Singer) steal thousands and thousands of dollars from the tax payers. It's a matter of time till this enrages a few of the masses but for now I'm forced to keep it somewhat quiet. Los Angeles is wasting thousands upon thousands of your dollars to satisfy a creepy law firm that they have used in the past. All names will be revealed soon because those that are evil must be exposed.

But, hey they are doing this Michael Jackson spectacle,so Los Angeles is really just a genuine hellhole and all the naysayers were right.
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