Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mario Lopez and Jeremy Sisto

I tried another embedded midget and it didn't work out. This midget was too showy and I've deleted it.

So much to tell you blog, but no time available. For some complicated reason Mario Lopez is on my TV and he's scary. Something wrong there-- faker than a cubic zirconia with a kraft american single lying on top of it. Talking about Cougars and how 40 is the new 20 which is good for me but retarded nonetheless. Oddly, my age has been used as an insult in the last year and it heartens me to know how little my enemies know about me and how lucky I am that I had no time to share much about myself with that greasy spy. I know all this enemy talk sounds nutty but my current journey involves an ever growing shit list and hopefully a happy ending. I now think it must be L.A and know once we get out of here we'll be ok.

I've felt 40 since I was 5 so that is the last thing that would get my GOAT.

Back to Mario Lopez: he goes to the "boxing gym" up the block from me and he was my second celebrity sighting this month- Saw Christopher Darden at the Clara Folz courthouse too. The Darden sighting was cool but the Lopez one was not . I would like to take up boxing. Again, not to meet Mario ,but I happen to know that I could be a boxing champion. Sure, I'd weeze here and there and even collapse everywhere but man oh man does that feel like a natural vocation at this point.

I haven't yet joined this boxing gym but went by and saw Mario Lopez there when I did go in to inquire about costs etc.

I feel the desire to share all my celebrity stories but there's too many and some are damned good. Ok, I'll indulge you. Simmer down, blog. I will tell you one fun somewhat recent one.

So awile back I have this awful job at a door store in Beverly Hills right by a casting agency. And, all day I see unatached doors(and windows) and sad children being dragged by mean looking mothers and all sorts of whorish girls and overly stylish boys and new religion jeans galore etc.
Long Long bad job short: One day my dear sister comes to visit me as she knows I've had enough with these expensive doors(and windows) and so we're sitting there talking and some guy from the casting place comes in and he looks very slightly familiar but not enough to get my memory to jog, and he's like " So, tell me about your doors. Why should I get them?" and I'm like " No idea. You either need doors or you don't." And, this guy starts getting depressed looking and he's like, " My buddy needs doors too and he would like this." and, me and my sister are like, "uh huh." and he looks suicidal. And, then he says " don't you want to take down my information." And, I say sure and he says, "My name is Jeremy" and I'm like, "thanks."
And, eventually he leaves with his head down. A week later I see that he's on the TV and now he's on Law and Order as the star-- Yes, Jeremy Sisto. There's a fun in not knowing who anyone is anymore. I'm pretty sure now that he probably had all the doors he needed and just wanted my pretty sister to recognize him somehow.

Very warm outside but not the sense of being a grilled sandwich but more a sense of being lightly toasted or even just sun kissed. Much better.

The TV is now really raping my ears and my ear(s) is sobbing, and I must go.
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