Saturday, July 25, 2009

read it over and it didnt sound as intended

I’m wondering who that person is who seems slighted by my sisto non-story is. It is a p.r person, is it Mr. Sisto himself? Is it Kris Mohandi from the TMU trying to lure me into a some statement to better twist, -- so as to convince a jury of his bogus unit’s necessity and to avoid them getting sued by the most indignant and egotistical indigents in the history of juris prudence?

Is it the perennially putrid and prematurely punctured boil, TIg Notaro now calling Sisto and trying to convince him to press stalking charges for that blog post. Is the serpent/bovine Alisson Sievers drafting up more of that perjury

. Is it the sausagey morally deficient Gregozek or that City Attorney and her gruesome hot pink cell phone trolling for understanding? “ Hey, Jeremy is a nice guy and so are we we just have these futures that we need to try and assure ourselves and if it has to be on your tortured corpse so be it… Or it is really just some nice guy trying to protect the nice guy, Sisto, and well aware that Mr. Sisto likes to engage customer service in chat on a regular basis. All efforts should be made when faced with a misunderstanding.

It sure isn’t obvious who are what that really is about and such is the nature of cyberspace. This doesn’t stop some of the sleazy entities (mentioned above- Not Sisto, though! ) from hurling false accusations and saying “it’s obvious” but I’m just writing this as therapy, please don’t mind me voicing such considerations on a Saturday morning.

I know it’s perfectly fine but please don’t ever call me and my sister customer service again. It doesn’t sit well! Ouch.

Must go and tend to my sweet mother who fell again and though it sucks that she fell and broke her rib or ribs(we don’t know yet) it is very lucky that she didn’t hit her head and that is the kind of ambiguous philosophicness that will get me to tomorrow, if I don’t die today.
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