Friday, July 17, 2009

thank god its friday, my ass

How was my day, you ask?

Well, it was frustrating. I am sitting on something huge and never has this miserable virtue of "patience" been so hard to realize.

Hot outside and when I drive around everyone looks like grilled cheese to me-- every looks like they are just being melted.

Wanting badly to see Bruno so I can form my own opinion but the fear of too much money and then dissapointment is undoable so pay per view it will be.

Would be lovely to have a lively debate about it, after I see it, in my comments section but that won't happen anytime soon as the gaping yawning chasm that is cyberspace is being unresponsive as of late. Fuck you, chasm face.

But, that's ok. I have other blogs and projects and lawsuits aplenty and love and stories and spirit and all that shit, so no cretin should think they are in the clear.

How was your day, gaping chasm? Do you too think everyone seems like grilled cheese?
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