Saturday, July 18, 2009

The blog of the century is forthcoming

How fitting that Walter Cronkite died this month. It's the month that any pretense that the media is anything more than a mooing cash cow also has died. I think all the symbols of that time are dead now, but I could be wrong. Then, you have the next generation and Peter Jennings is dead but that's about it and brokaw and rather are off in some retired world of wealth. And then when all the lovely elders like Leslie Stahl, Morley Safer ect go we'll be left with Katie Couric and Matt Laur, Jane Pauley, Paula fucking zahn, and that's about it for that. I It's ovah. The media is now a depressing farce. Amanpour and anderson cooper are ok but the rest having to cover such idiocy when the world is ablaze.... I imagine going to journalism school and running from Farrah's house to Michaels and being told that the Iranian revolution just isn't a rating grabber, and I think of how many jobs seem so awful in the long run.

In reality, most jobs are deadly. Lawyers are miserable unless they are bad seeds or so good that their pro bono work sustains them. I always kind of wanted to be a lawyer but when I thought about it I figured that it wasn't for me. Now I know I made the right decision: Prosecutors are bizzarre and godless as they are politically motivated most to all of the time and they will try to convict the most innocent person just to satisfy some ambition. I can't think of an uglier and more sinful vocation. Defense lawyers are almost all oily little bastards who can care less about right or wrong or justice-- I wish I never knew about them. The nature of law can twist the best of them, I'm sure. Law and the justice system in America is a very dirty secret that you only know from very first hand experience. It's a dirty secret and a cruel joke. I'm fascinated by the law but I recognize that it is so man made that it is scary. It's probably the most important thing of all-- justice-- and that is not how those entrenched in that world seem to see it at all. It's a terrible truth to perceive and it will be the main focus of my new blog.
Prosecutors need to be watched and controlled as it is common knowledge once you fall down this rabbit hole that they are blindly ambitious monsters.
I can't imagine what career aspiration is so strong, what goal so inviting, that you would try to railroad the innocent to get there. But, that is what their job in reality is (at times) and they are known not to rise to any occasion-- but to do what it takes only to win. I'm sure some good people are lawyers out of law school but any lawyer than can stay any considerable time in "the system," is probably bad. Judges are usually failed lawyers(true, and so disallusioning ) who too have to climb some sad ladder and will do anything to get to the top rung. They mostly come across as fools and jerks and growing up that is so not how I saw them.
Then, doctors run around the sick or the dying, ditto for nurses. Many are those with good memories but average intellects and anyone that knows they can see such human misery and stay ok is not someone who probably has a heart of gold. Hospitals to me seem like a bit of hell. Then, Proffessors are notoriously petty and political and my uncle hated it and he's kind of a shmuck. These are the some of the jobs with high status and they stink. The lawyer is rightfully reviled but considered high status and most of them are the lowest of the low. I can't think of a proper proffession that i could enjoy for more than one month so I was an english major who hoped for divine intervention. Still waiting on that, but feel it's getting closer.

I started writing this because I thought about what a bummer it would be to see the corrupt underbelly of all systems and institutions. And, at this age i know that is what would happen. I have this little inside joke(one of millions) with myself that in L.A when people ask me what I do for a living I say, " Motel Maid." Then, if I'm at some gay fiesta leave you brains at the door sort of place I like to respond to the same question with, "I'm a social satirist by day and a philosopher by night. can you buy me a drink?" I'm kidding about the last line there but the rest is true. I won't go into how there is only one vocation that made sense and how it's been temporarily ruined by a subhuman stranger who has more issues than kleenex has tissues. Ha!

Grossly hot out, readers. I just feel like a smoggy griddle cake ,or as mentioned, a grilled cheese, everytime i have to venture out. Global Warming?

Ok then big blog o mine, I feel better just reaching out to the ether with my half baked posts. I do. I plan to launch a major blog that should be of great interest to all people but for legal reasons that will have to wait a little longer. For reasons that are not yet clear or may never be I've been accosted by things that are too crazy to discuss without a concerted effort to provide context and that need to be kept on the down low until I/we reach that finish line... that surely must exist.
I need to write a poem about finish lines because they are capturing my imagination like MAD.

This blog post went from random to even more random and if you don't like it you can kiss the glass. Ha! Instead of kiss my ass you can kiss the glass on your monitor. Ha! Was that too much of a leap? If you don't like leaps you can kiss my glass. ha!

bye now and try to stay near an air conditioner!
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