Wednesday, July 15, 2009

there are no american judges on britains got talent, yo

4988 hits. 12 by tonight! I will make it happen.

Saw the neighbors again and again with those wool caps and those bonehead faces. Those wool caps must reek, no two ways about it as they are boys and it is very very hot in this shitty city and wool on a sweaty boy is a recipe for odor.

That said, I really enjoyed by meal at Wendy's and the legal system is very sick here in L.A and I can't wait to tell this story because it's really so wild and so important and such a STORY THAT NEEDS TO BE TOLD. And, the chips will fall and I'm not going to look to see where. I just know that these sad zombies will lose more than there shitty jobs when all is said and done

I'm writing it up offline and I want it to be something that changes the world for the better. I won't be satisfied with less. My ambitions are always too big.

Motions to write, songs without music to write, books to read and write, shows to perform once the truth comes out and that bunch of herpetic rats meet their traps.

I think Wendy's improved and the one on labrea and sunset looks really refurbished and nice.

Lawyers are really disgusting. I never thought so and imagined that those who hated them were grossly generalizing. Nope, they are really some sinister bunch of satans and not too bright. Damn, I wish I didn't still have to wait to name names.
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