Thursday, July 16, 2009

free breakfast? maybe free brunch is ok

Bernie Madoff made off with a lot of money not to mention what he's wrought
re: jew on jew trust issues.

The capo concept is the most depressing one to survive the holocaust and I've met six in the last year. Damn it, my poor mother can't stand it doubly when "her people" commit such sins. It is has been thus far impossible to disabuse that super peach of a woman of this stubborn illusion. Cold comfort that the gruesome threesome of Howard Williams, Alisson Sievers,and Tig Notaro appear by all indications to be gentiles.

Blogosphere? Is it true that Oprah gave freebies yesterday? AOL keeps me in the know, you see.

I love free things but only the free lunch is ever offered. And, we all know about how that turns out.

Read killer good reveiw of Bruno in the New Yorker. I love Anthony Lane and am saying so openly in the hopes that he comes to my blog and then eventually becomes a "dear friend."

Which reminds me of how one of the major revelations after years of mounting/dawning realizations: most if not all movie critics are corrupt or corruptible. It just wasn't possible for Ebert to like some of the movies he liked and now I feel the same with Nancy Franklin after her review of Nurse Jackie.

No way no how her sensibility would permit that glowing review and so I'm forced to see another nude emperor. I wonder if that show picked up after I saw that awful premier.

There's a new Nursecentric show on called "Mercy" about another underappreciated but primetimeworthy Nurse. It is by all measures-- the year of the Nurse and I hope that puts a spring in their nurse shoes.

Most Nurses are mean and stupid but most are not too so godspeed, nurses. I hope your shows don't get cancelled.

Back to corrupted tv or movie reviewers: There should be a really good investigation about that. Once I get the resources I will add that to my list of needed investigations.

But, Anthony Lane, by all indications is not yet corrupted and he's very brilliant and because of him I'll wait for Bruno on pay per view. Ya'll should read that review too! I'm too weak to link but just google Anthony Lane and Bruno and New Yorker and you should be fine.
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