Saturday, July 25, 2009

Truly, no Jeremy Sisto hate to be found on this blog

So I put myself out there and make some controversial even RIBALD comments on the Crowley Gates Police Broohaha and all I get is some random anonymous love and a comment defending the honor of Jeremy Sisto.

My conclusion on that is that there is there should be no debate: Either something is illegal or not and if not then no police should arrest you. Therefore, Crowley is completely wrong and so is anyone clueless or stupid enough to defend him.

Are we becoming such a country of pansies that we can label all indignation as "verbal abuse" and get people arrested for utilizing the first amendment. I saw some republican harridan on tv saying how gates "verbally abused." this mayonaisse faced Crowley and so....

What a crock. Then, I saw some awful democrat talk about how much he hates Sarah Palin and this democrat looked like a lawyer who fucks up all his fiduciary duties and within one hour it was again confirmed that every group is made up of the decent and the imbecile and I'm glad I never joined any party but the party... in my pants. Long Story.

Since my Jeremy Sisto post got a comment I will today try to share with you(and you and you and you over there with the new wireless mouse) my other celebrity related stories.

First up: Tori Spelling

Then: The rock star

and so forth.... you lucky bastards.

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