Saturday, July 25, 2009

Adam Sandler vehicle commercial driving me insane

I've got to stop putting vague wishes into the air. As mentioned in a post long ago I wanted my carpet cleaned and now my neighbor is in jail and the handyman is dead. Then yesterday, I had a vague want for a bra and what do I see at the 99 cent store when I go? That's right, a bra. But, it wasn't a lucky bra and it unlike the joe boxer or disney panties was not a good to GREAT deal. I mean how can a bra be a bad deal at a dollar? Well, if it doesn't give support and it itches then it's not a good deal. Period. NO more vague wishes is the point I was trying to make when thinking about how I vaguely wanted someone to comment on this forsaken blog and then I get comments and they too are vague and unsatisfying.

I can write up 25 blogs on my love for the 99 cents store and all the jokes it inspires but then a joke like " what's with harry potter what is he like getting a phd in wizardry" is worthy of a multi million dollar ad campaign for this atrocious looking new "movie" " Funny People." I surely won't even see that movie on pay per view but man that movie looks bad enough to be good. And then to call this "movie" "FUNNY PEOPLE." IT would be galling if it wasn't so appalling.

I can't make much sense of such a thing, can you? Is that even worthy of an open mic comedy at a laundromat? I sure wouldn't be able to live it down in my family if that was one of my "jokes."

But, that is so besides the point.
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